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Wild Night with The Bruery at Haven Gastropub Orange (6/9): Review [and Interview with Chef Greg Daniels]

Admittedly I am not well versed in culinary arts. I am more familiar with a plate of curly fries, simple pulled pork sliders, and a plastic cup of ranch than I am with haute cuisine. A well-crafted beer is more […] 

Pilot System Rue

Tai Kao Patrick Rue, founder of Orange County’s The Bruery, is not afraid to experiment with odd ingredients in beer. In fact, when it comes to using interesting ingredients in the kettle Patrick welcomes it.  Take Tai Kao for example, […] 

The Bruery – Tasting Room & Tour

A Destination Bruery It’s little mystery why the Bruery has become one of not only Orange County’s, but Southern California’s premier breweries.  With a focus on quality, creativity, artisinal method and a solid marketing strategy backing it up, the Bruery’s […] 

Five in Five

What do you get when you cross two guys, the Inland Empire, Orange County, and five hours?  Five Breweries in Five Hours, that’s what. This last Saturday marked one of the most epic beer weekends I’ve had in a while, […] 

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