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Brouwerij West

Grand Pedro Brouwerij West’s Brian Mercer has been making beer commercially since 2010, but it’s 2016 that hallmarks a new chapter in the gypsy brewers book of beer.  On Saturday Feb, 27 2016, Brouwerij West celebrated its official grand opening […] 

The [Shelton Bros] Festival

5 Reasons I can’t wait for next year’s Shelton Bros Festival 1. Go for the Portfolio The showcase at this year’s festival was tremendous and great beer was plentiful.  Cantillon, Tre Fontane, Tahoe Mountain Brewing Co, Fireston Walker, Jester King, […] 

The State of LAAW: The Gypsy

“There’s also no doubt in my mind that 75 percent of the people on that list of [pending breweries] will fail. Or will find out that what they have is a very expensive hobby… [which] I don’t mean as a […] 

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