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Brett’s Canadian Adventure

My Canadian beer knowledge has always been pretty sketchy.  I used to drink Molson because they had those cheeky sayings on the label, like “Guess Where My Tattoo Is” above a little picture of a donkey. …get it? And when […] 

Beer, Brett and Baseball in the Southwest, Part II

Featuring the White Sands Pupfish, Old World Brewery, AZL Reds & Arizona Diamondbacks After our harrowing overnight drive from Tucson, Josh and I woke up late in Las Cruces, had a coma-inducing Cracker Barrel breakfast and drove an hour northeast […] 

LA Beer Week – Mid-Week Summary

Can you believe it? LA Week Beer is half over! We’ve been busy attending events (here) and introducing new writers (here). Here’s a quick rundown of some of the other cool events we’ve attended. Thursday 9/20 Haven Gastropub – Stone Brewing Dave […] 

Beer, Brett and Baseball in the Southwest, Part I

Featuring Barrio Brewing Co., Nimbus Brewing Company and the Tucson Padres. A coast-to-coast, 10-day beer and baseball trip along historic route 66! The Mother Road! The expanses of the Southwest! Unending plains through the heartland! Oh, what a great adventure… […] 

Brew at the L.A. Zoo

I had the privilege to represent BierKast at the second ever Brew at the L.A. Zoo last Friday. Thanks to a knucklehead breaking down on the freeway, I had a miserable two hour drive from Orange County. I arrived at […] 

Beer, Brett, and Baseball in Florida

It’s a popular misconception (or maybe it’s just me) that baseball is played year-round in sunny Florida.  So when in Orlando recently with my girlfriend Monique to hit up Disney World, I thought we could take in a game or […] 

Beer, Brett, and Baseball – Home Edition

Little did I know when John “I have 400 Twitter followers” Rockwell roused me from a nasty haze a couple Saturdays ago that our local “Beer and Baseball” outing would, by the end of the night, compete for the title […] 

Beer, Brett, and Baseball 2011 #4

Canada… is… AWESOME! If you need proof, just walk down Toronto’s hipstery Bloor Street (you know, where Scott Pilgrim hangs out). If you’re lucky, a cute girl in a Carlsberg onesie will hand you a FREE BEER. Who cares if […] 

Beer, Brett, and Baseball 2011 #3

It hasn’t been too long since I’ve written my last Beer & Baseball update but it’s felt like it.  Turns out, the drive from Texas to Upstate New York is long, boring, and tiring. Five hours of driving during the […] 

Beer, Brett, and Baseball 2011 #2

The odometer is already way past 1,200 miles, we only have three games under our belt, and Josh’s arms are brightly-burnt like the red on the ubiquitously-flown Texas state flag but the Beer & Baseball trip thus far has been […] 

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