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Beer, Brett and Baseball in the Southwest, Part II

Featuring the White Sands Pupfish, Old World Brewery, AZL Reds & Arizona Diamondbacks After our harrowing overnight drive from Tucson, Josh and I woke up late in Las Cruces, had a coma-inducing Cracker Barrel breakfast and drove an hour northeast […] 

Beer, Brett and Baseball in the Southwest, Part I

Featuring Barrio Brewing Co., Nimbus Brewing Company and the Tucson Padres. A coast-to-coast, 10-day beer and baseball trip along historic route 66! The Mother Road! The expanses of the Southwest! Unending plains through the heartland! Oh, what a great adventure… […] 

Beer, Brett and Baseball in San Diego, Part II

Featuring The Local, Iron Fist Brewing Co., Stone Brewing Co. and Pizza Port. What’s the deal with Charlie Sheen and baseball? Why does playing an a-hole in a baseball movie twenty-something years ago make him an ambassador for the sport? […] 

Beer, Brett, and Baseball in Florida

It’s a popular misconception (or maybe it’s just me) that baseball is played year-round in sunny Florida.  So when in Orlando recently with my girlfriend Monique to hit up Disney World, I thought we could take in a game or […] 

Beer, Brett, and Baseball – Home Edition

Little did I know when John “I have 400 Twitter followers” Rockwell roused me from a nasty haze a couple Saturdays ago that our local “Beer and Baseball” outing would, by the end of the night, compete for the title […] 

Beer, Brett, and Baseball 2011 #4

Canada… is… AWESOME! If you need proof, just walk down Toronto’s hipstery Bloor Street (you know, where Scott Pilgrim hangs out). If you’re lucky, a cute girl in a Carlsberg onesie will hand you a FREE BEER. Who cares if […] 

Beer, Brett, and Baseball 2011 #3

It hasn’t been too long since I’ve written my last Beer & Baseball update but it’s felt like it.  Turns out, the drive from Texas to Upstate New York is long, boring, and tiring. Five hours of driving during the […] 

Beer, Brett, and Baseball 2011 #2

The odometer is already way past 1,200 miles, we only have three games under our belt, and Josh’s arms are brightly-burnt like the red on the ubiquitously-flown Texas state flag but the Beer & Baseball trip thus far has been […] 

Beer, Brett, and Baseball 2011 #1

Help us welcome the esteemed writer and photo journalist Brett Padelford, our newest Bierkast member! Four years ago, my high school friend Josh and I had the idea for an epic yet simple summer road trip: go to one minor […] 

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