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SS Brew Tech – Brew Bucket

If you’re like me, home brewing sanitation is one your top priorities.  It’s this focus alone that causes stress when determining whether to ferment in plastic or glass.  Glass is sanitary and easy to clean, but it’s also heavy and […] 

Bierkast Book Review: Decibel Presents The Brewtal Truth Guide to Extreme Beers

Decibel Presents: The Brewtal Truth Guide to Extreme Beers A Book by Adem Tepedelen As the resident headbanger here at Bierkast, it fell upon me to review this new book from Adem Tepedelen, which attempts to pair extreme beers with […] 

The Pocket Beer Guide

Beer of the World With craft beer on the rise practically everywhere in the world, the desire to go out and experience new markets is becoming more and more attractive to beer geeks.  What better way to accompany a tour […] 

Yum! The Craft Beer Cookbook

Flipping through the pages of The Craft Beer Cookbook by Jacquelyn Dodd, I became entranced by the delicious-sounding recipes as they flew past my eyes. Orange wheat beer and dark chocolate muffins, soft pretzels with chipotle beer cheese sauce, beer-braised […] 

The Wine Check

Have you ever had a great glass of wine or a tasty beer in another country and wanted to bring a bottle home, but were afraid it would break on the plane flight back? Introducing The Wine Check, a padded […] 

Kebo – The One-Handed Bottle Opener

I recently received a very interesting bottle opener from Godfather Mike. It’s called Kebo “The One-Handed Bottle Opener”. I thought I give my two cents about it so here they are… both of them. The packaging is very sharp and […] 

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