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Sake Making – Part 1

It has been a while since we last wrote about brewing anything. Rest assured, there is plenty of recipe experimentation and medal-winning brewing going on in all of our kitchens.  In fact, we have a special type of beer brewing […] 

SF Beer Week 2012 – Part 2

–Welcome back to part two of our San Francisco beer week coverage. Way after the fact, but still a story worth telling– Rise and shine the date of “The Event” at Anchor Brewing Co.  After a late wake-up call and […] 

SF Beer Week 2012 – Part 1

Our homebrew club, Pacific Gravity, was named Anchor Brewery’s “2011 California’s Homebrew Club of the Year.”  The last time this award was presented to us was in 2006, so it seemed appropriate that we make a special trip up the […] 

Home Brewed LAAW at USC

Hello, World! It has been a while since our last post, but it’s all for a good reason. We’ve been busy brewing and planning, and it payed off big time. John and I were invited to provide beer for the […] 

Los Angeles Ale Works Event

I know this is a bit Ex Post Facto, but John, Katie, and I had our first Los Angeles Ale Works event on July 23.  It was a great success. We were the “beer sponsor” for an unofficial Urban Land […] 

The Return of Mike Morse

I’m back! By popular demand. Well, maybe not popular demand, but Johns’ demand. No, it’s not a typo. There are two Johns that have been pushing for me to get back into brewing. The John that you all know and […] 

GSA: Fireside Beer Heaven?

After three months of brewing, waiting, observing, careful handling, and more waiting, it was finally time to go camping and try our 2011 Scotch Ale: General Grant.  In my mind’s eye (tongue?), this beer was perfect – malty, sweet, smooth, […] 

Orange You Going to Zest That

“Here, try this.  It’s terrible.” “Then why are you giving it to me?” Ah, the joys of introducing friends to your new hobby.  Sorry Cassie, but everyone has to taste the wort at the end of the brew day. This […] 

General Grant Scotch Ale

It’s that time of year again.  Birds are singing, love is in the air, and a Scotch ale is in the fermenter.  The end of April marks a brewing anniversary for us, so each year we brew a commemorative Scotch […] 

Batch #50 – Something

Last Saturday, April 2nd, the day after April fools’ day (when I fooled my boss into thinking that one of our clients broke an extremely expensive piece of video equipment), we had our Batch #50-Something brew day.  Everyone from the […] 

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