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Brewing does not apply to just beer. This weekend, Kip and I brewed up some kombucha. This is considerably easier than brewing beer, so it’s right up my lazy alley. Kombucha is simply fermented tea. Here’s how it’s made: First […] 

Brewing Up Some Code

Howdy Kastinos, I’ve got an exclusive of sorts that I’m excited to share with y’all. I’ve made a little something that should especially excite the homebrewers out there that like to make and share their own recipes. But before I […] 

The Beer Seer

As some of you know, I recently began working with a television production company, Ex Machina Media Group, that is interested in developing a beer-based reality show. Without going into too much detail, the show centers around two hosts, one […] 

Spent Grain Pizza Dough

Get your scrollin’ finger ready–this is the tale of spent grain pizza dough told through many, many pictures. After home brewing, you are left with a heaping mound of spent grain. You can compost this, trash this, or you can […] 

Pacific Gravity’s Oktoberfest

If you are looking for a great community of home brewers on the west side, look no further than the Pacific Gravity Home Brewers Club. Based out of Culver City, this club meets every month in the parking lot behind […] 

Pipe Dream Brewery

Culver City is a happening place. Not only is it the location of Los Angeles Ale Works’ brewing high jinks, but it’s also the home of Pipe Dream Brewery. Founders Kingsley Toby and Brian Holter have been hard at work […] 

Kebo – The One-Handed Bottle Opener

I recently received a very interesting bottle opener from Godfather Mike. It’s called Kebo “The One-Handed Bottle Opener”. I thought I give my two cents about it so here they are… both of them. The packaging is very sharp and […] 

The Barrel Project

About a month ago, John and I recieved an Organic 10-Gallon whiskey barrel from my Uncle at Bainbridge Organic Distillers.  We decided that we wanted to brew a strong version of our Roggenbier for the barrel aging.  After a few […] 

Sake Making – Part 3

If you missed Sake Making – Part 1 you can read it here! If you missed Sake Making – Part 2 you can read it here! Ohio! The sake is finally done, and I’m very happy with the final product. […] 

Sake Making – Part 2

If you missed Sake Making – Part 1 you can read it here! Ohio! We are back with the second part of our sake special.  We were about 20 days in at the end of the last post, just starting […] 

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