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The Truth About Beer

Since I draw science comics at Beatrice the Biologist, and beer is perhaps the most science-y beverage there is, Kip and I thought it was about time Bierkast, Los Angeles Ale Works (check out their Kickstarter!), and Beatrice hung out together. […] 

The Doug King Memorial Kicks Off the 2013 Home Brewing Competition Season With Boundless Innovation

With 139 entries by 50 brewers, and 46 judges, the annual Doug King Memorial Home Brewing Competition on Saturday, Jan. 19 at Eagle Rock Brewery epitomized the innovation, energy and community spirit of home brewers. This was the best kind […] 

What’s Bubbling Up in 2013 at the Local Home Brewing Supply Shop

January is the unofficial start of home brewing season, when a lot of home brewers dust off their equipment after the holidays and start planning and brewing for the 2013 beer competitions, and aspiring brewers have just gotten beer kits […] 

Simon Ford, the Cellar Master

“Well, here we’ve come to the holy grail of geekdom, the very core of radical brewing.  With a strange mashing procedure, years-long wild fermentation, stale hops, blending, and many other unusual and archaic techniques, lambic is one of the most […] 

Beer Judging Series #2: The Guidelines

John discusses the Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP) in an on-going series about beer judging. Part 1 here. Welcome back to the beer judging series! It’s been a couple months since the last post so to get reacquainted with the BJCP let’s […] 

Follow the LAAW: BottleMark

There are few things that add as much excitement to an already great home brew or commercial beer as labels and bottlecaps.  We’ve been incredibly lucky to have Ken Barnes as part of our team.  His label artwork, Los Angeles […] 

The Wine Check

Have you ever had a great glass of wine or a tasty beer in another country and wanted to bring a bottle home, but were afraid it would break on the plane flight back? Introducing The Wine Check, a padded […] 

Home Brewed Craft Soda

No Alcohol? No Problem! Contrary to popular belief, it’s okay to drink beverages other than beer, and it’s also okay for them to be alcohol-less.  One of the biggest gripes I have about going to bars and breweries is being […] 

Spent Grain Cooking – Granola

Get Regular with High Fiber Granola! Did I get your attention on this one?  Good, because I’m serious.  Home Brewers that brew all-grain traditionally throw away their spent grain at the end of a brew day, but they don’t have […] 

First Fridays – Trux Stop

If you want delicious home brew, exquisite cuisine, and access to incredibly rare beers, look no further than Pacific Gravity’s special events. This last Friday, the Pacific Gravity Homebrewers Club held its monthly First Friday event, and this time it […] 

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