Category: Beer 101

Want to get schooled in beer? Class is in session! Learn to drink the beer you love to drink all over again.

The Truth About Beer

Since I draw science comics at Beatrice the Biologist, and beer is perhaps the most science-y beverage there is, Kip and I thought it was about time Bierkast, Los Angeles Ale Works (check out their Kickstarter!), and Beatrice hung out together. […] 

How to Drink Beer: Part #2

Pouring Beer & Serving Glasses Welcome to the second installment of drinking beer.  In this post we are going to discuss both pouring beer and serving glasses. Pouring beer is simple right? You just take a bottle, pop the top, […] 

How To Drink Beer: Part #1

This may seem arbitrary to many people, but contrary to popular belief there are right and wrong ways to drink beer.  These methods aren’t the end-all-be-all, but drinking and appreciating beer requires a level of understanding.  As Randy Mosher often […] 

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