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From the Barrel

There are two events that I especially look forward to during the year. One is the Firestone Walker Invitational Beer Fest, coming up on May 30th, and the other is the annual LA Beer Blogger (LABB) pilgrimage to Firestone Walker. […] 

5 Beers I’m Glad Exist

Recently, a friend on facebook reposted the Logan Thompson’s 2014 article “The Top 5 Beers in The World”, which, if you haven’t read it yet, is worth a read prior to reading this. I remember reading his post last year and thinking, […] 

Brews as a Text: The System of Cultural Exchange in Beer Culture

Lately I’ve been kicking around some heavy thoughts about beer and it’s importance to human civilization. Admittedly I have been absent from Bierkast for many months, struggling through a sea of researching, editing, and writing a Master’s Thesis in History […] 

Phantom Carriage

Climb aboard On March 7th, LA’s first all wild brewery opened its doors, Phantom Carriage.  Angelenos are notoriously late to everything, unless it comes to beer.  Even arriving early 11:45 wasn’t enough to beat the line that had formed in […] 

The Beer Curmudgeons

Craft is Worth Discussing There are quite a number of beer podcasts available online ranging from dudes drinking around a table, to commercial beer tastings, to more traditional-style talk radio.  From Jesse Friedman’s (Almanac Beer) Brewer’s Log to John Palmer & Jamil Zainasheff’s Brew […] 

BPLA – On the Air Pilot

Suds on the Radio It has been a long time goal of mine to, at the very least, attempt a podcast, hence “Bierkast.”  Wether it was convenience or general time-commitment, podcasting just never came to fruition, until now.  On February […] 

Simmzy’s Opens New Burbank Location

Burbank just got Simmzier I last wrote about Simmzy’s when I was putting together my Beer Lover’s Southern California Book.  At that time, the young gastropub brand had a location in Manhattan Beach, the first, and a location at Long […] 

Barley Forge in Costa Mesa

New craft brewery makes Costa Mesa a beer destination! It’s hard to believe that it’s been a little over two years since I last wrote about Greg Nylen and his brewery, Barley Forge Brewing Co.  (December 17, 2012 when I […] 

3rd Annual Brew Ho Ho

Are you still searching for that perfect gift but don’t know what to give the person that has everything. How about tickets to the Brew Ho Ho. Yes tickets are still available and if you have never been to a […] 

The [Shelton Bros] Festival

5 Reasons I can’t wait for next year’s Shelton Bros Festival 1. Go for the Portfolio The showcase at this year’s festival was tremendous and great beer was plentiful.  Cantillon, Tre Fontane, Tahoe Mountain Brewing Co, Fireston Walker, Jester King, […] 

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