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John And Steph Roadtrip #1

Matt posted about our annual Sequoia camping and Scotch ale weekend a few posts back. That trip was the launching point for our two week National Park CA and OR road trip. In addition to a lot of camping, we […] 

Beer, Brett, and Baseball 2011 #4

Canada… is… AWESOME! If you need proof, just walk down Toronto’s hipstery Bloor Street (you know, where Scott Pilgrim hangs out). If you’re lucky, a cute girl in a Carlsberg onesie will hand you a FREE BEER. Who cares if […] 

Beer, Brett, and Baseball 2011 #3

It hasn’t been too long since I’ve written my last Beer & Baseball update but it’s felt like it.  Turns out, the drive from Texas to Upstate New York is long, boring, and tiring. Five hours of driving during the […] 

Beer, Brett, and Baseball 2011 #2

The odometer is already way past 1,200 miles, we only have three games under our belt, and Josh’s arms are brightly-burnt like the red on the ubiquitously-flown Texas state flag but the Beer & Baseball trip thus far has been […] 

GSA: Fireside Beer Heaven?

After three months of brewing, waiting, observing, careful handling, and more waiting, it was finally time to go camping and try our 2011 Scotch Ale: General Grant.  In my mind’s eye (tongue?), this beer was perfect – malty, sweet, smooth, […] 

Beer, Brett, and Baseball 2011 #1

Help us welcome the esteemed writer and photo journalist Brett Padelford, our newest Bierkast member! Four years ago, my high school friend Josh and I had the idea for an epic yet simple summer road trip: go to one minor […] 

A Beer Quest in Thailand

Sawat De Krup – I just got back from an amazing two week vacation in Thailand and man was it fun. Elephants, massages, thai food, open air markets, friendly people, bug bites, humidity, and a whole slew of moments where […] 

General Grant Scotch Ale

It’s that time of year again.  Birds are singing, love is in the air, and a Scotch ale is in the fermenter.  The end of April marks a brewing anniversary for us, so each year we brew a commemorative Scotch […] 


Bierkast visited Fremont Brewing Company recently and found out first hand just why their motto is “Because Beer Matters” – It’s Delicious! If ever you travel to the rainy Emerald City make sure you stop by Fremont Brewing Company.  Located in the […] 

John’s SD Brewery Tour – Part 2

Brewery Three – AleSmith After spending an hour and a half at Lightning we loaded up the car with our new Lightning beers and headed out to AleSmith. Having been open since 1995, AleSmith is a grandpa brewery compared to […] 

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