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Beer in Scotland: Old Traditions, New Players

In March, I was lucky enough to get married and honeymoon in Scotland.  Here are some of my observations about the different types of beer I drank there, and the status of craft beer in Scotland.   Real Ale: The […] 

Destination: San Antonio

Bierkast continues its Texas Take-Over as Todd journeys through the Lone Star State! I recently spent five days in the beautiful city of San Antonio, deep in the heart of Texas.  Accompanying me were my sister Laura and niece Brooke.  […] 

The Craft of Texas: An Angeleno Drinking His Way Through the Lone Star State

I can still remember the moment that the craft beer light bulb went off in my head. It was after a very long Saturday of USC football. I had just changed out of my Trojan Marching Band uniform and was […] 

Brett’s Canadian Adventure

My Canadian beer knowledge has always been pretty sketchy.  I used to drink Molson because they had those cheeky sayings on the label, like “Guess Where My Tattoo Is” above a little picture of a donkey. …get it? And when […] 

Fifty Fifty with Andy Barr

Nestled deep in the snowy town of Truckee, California, beer is a total Eclipse.  We’re talking Fifty Fifty.  No, not BMW’s touted fifty fifty weight distribution, not your snowboarding survival rate on a tripple black diamond, and definitely not your imaginary odds […] 

Bierkast in Deutschland – Part 2

Oktoberfest is a madhouse, but sometimes one wants to enjoy beer at a slower pace and take in the Bavarian scenery.  What better way to enjoy traditional German Beer, Frankonian fare, and the history of Northern Bavaria, than by visiting the […] 

Bierkast in Deutschland – Part 1

Ah Germany! The, up until now, world’s focal point of beer.  (Currently the focal point of beer is Los Angeles.) I recently had a short stay in Germany with two goals: 1) Go to Oktoberfest and 2) Go to the […] 

Bierkast en Paris

Paris.  A city of lovers.  A city rich with culture, food, drink, pleasure, history, and amazing scenery.  For all that Paris is and has, one thing it lacks, like LA up until recently, is craft beer.  I found myself not caring […] 

Bierkast in Bamberg

Here’s a video overview we shot of Bamberg detailing its rich & lively breweries. Bamberg is famous for its amazing German traditional beers and its Rauchbier. Rauchbier is made from malt smoked over beech wood which imparts a strong smoked […] 

Bierkast at Oktoberfest

The original Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany is a sight to behold. With copious amounts of beer, pretzels, singing, lederhosen, and public drunkenness, this festival should be on everyone’s bucket list. Here’s a video of our brief, yet eventful time at […] 

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