Category: Beer, Brett, and Baseball

Beer, Brett, and Baseball 2011 #3

It hasn’t been too long since I’ve written my last Beer & Baseball update but it’s felt like it.  Turns out, the drive from Texas to Upstate New York is long, boring, and tiring. Five hours of driving during the […] 

Beer, Brett, and Baseball 2011 #2

The odometer is already way past 1,200 miles, we only have three games under our belt, and Josh’s arms are brightly-burnt like the red on the ubiquitously-flown Texas state flag but the Beer & Baseball trip thus far has been […] 

Beer, Brett, and Baseball 2011 #1

Help us welcome the esteemed writer and photo journalist Brett Padelford, our newest Bierkast member! Four years ago, my high school friend Josh and I had the idea for an epic yet simple summer road trip: go to one minor […] 

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