Category: Women of Craft Beer

News, stories, and articles written by and about the many talented ladies in the Craft Beer Industry.

Falconettes Shop Brew Session

Situated in back of the Woodland Hills Home Beer, Wine and Cheesemaking Shop lies the Maltose Falcons‘ clubhouse.  Perhaps you’ve visited the shop to pick up some supplies for a brew and you didn’t notice it, but it’s there, unassuming in […] 

A Jury of Her Beers

I’ve only just begun to tap into the craft beer scene in Los Angeles, and my palpable pre-pubescence about it all has me feeling star-struck when I meet head brewers or bartenders or the dudes who lug around kegs or […] 

Chef Jessica’s Thanksgiving Recs

The funny paradox about the new world holiday is that for the most part, old world beers pair best. A lot of the American hopped beers are a tad heavy in flavors to pair with the traditional Thanksgiving meal. With […] 

Ting – A Documentary

Anyone in Los Angeles familiar with the burgeoning craft beer scene is familiar will Eagle Rock Brewery.  Those people will also be familiar with one of the most influential beer Women in LA, Ting Su.  Ting, along with co-owners Jeremy […] 

A Crafty Mixologist

Hello all my fellow Bierkast people! First let me start off by saying how honored I am to be apart of an amazing group of people to help influence and educate the community about the art of craft beer and […] 

Na Zdravi

It all started in Prague. As a cultural studies major in college, I decided to spend a semester or so abroad, and the program that looked the most off the beaten path, yet still had indoor plumbing, was a winter/spring […] 

The Golden Road

With time and beer consumption, the truth gets a little hard to define. I will try to speak honestly about my first summer in the beer biz. It started over some margaritas in Longmont, CO at a Mexican restaurant in […] 

Once ‘A Pawn’ a Time

My path to the Beer Industry… If you look at the ratio of men to women within the brewing industry, one would say we’re a bit outnumbered, and that would be an understatement… but that’s how I intend to keep […] 

The Lady Behind Ladyface

It all started with the gift of a home-brewing kit. In the early years, I brewed mostly Belgian Witbier and consumed the few bottles of Chimay I could find at my small town market. I discovered the Maltose Falcon’s homebrew […] 

Eagle Rock’s Ting Su

A Little Dose of Estrogen Makes the Beer Taste Better… My downfall started on a hot summer day at a little beer festival in Decatur, GA around 15 years ago. I got a chance to taste some great craft beers […] 

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