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Follow the LAAW! Join John and Kip as they jump through the many hoops on the road to opening their brewery, Los Angeles Ale Works.

Stainless Progression

Things are starting to heat up for Hawthorne’s first brewery, Los Angeles Ale Works. Perhaps “starting” is a little misleading because it’s really been gradually getting more intense since our building procurement in February. For me, it’s been a serious […] 

The Next Chapter

Hooray! I can’t believe I’m saying this, but Los Angeles Ale Works is actually happening! The past 6 months have been a huge turning point for me and the company as a whole. We officially and successfully finished our first […] 

The LAAW of Shu (Japanese Sake)

The Los Angeles Ale Works Sake/Nihon-Shu Project One of the greatest parts about home brewing is being able to experiment with drinks of any shape, size, flavor, and origin.  From beer, to mead, to wine, as long as you have […] 

Follow The LAAW: Buttress of Windsor

Our Philosophy The Los Angeles Ale Works brand is a living animal, an intentional point in our business plan. With the amazing help of our brand manager and designer, Ken Barnes, we’ve created an impressive portfolio of artwork, logos, and […] 

Follow the LAAW: The Next Beer

Kip here: We’re in the tail end of June here, and we have a lot of news for you. Karma Kolsch First off, our second beer, Karma Kolsch, is getting kegged on monday at Ohana.  Karma Kolsch is a Thai […] 

Dollar Shave Club Sponsors LAAW

Hi Everyone! I wanted to let everyone know that I have been selected as the next participant in the Dollar Shave Club “Our Thing Your Thing” campaign.  Each month they select one of their members to be featured, and they […] 

Follow The LAAW: The Gypsy II – Diluting an Industry

John and I were recently told that what we are doing, gypsy brewing, ninja brewing, whatever you want to call it, is “diluting the industry.” The idea that two guys from home brewing beginnings could brew out of another person’s […] 

Follow the LAAW: Kickstarter On Track – 35K Stretch

On March 8th, 2013, the Los Angeles Ale Works Kickstarter hit its $25,000K goal. The money is aimed at procuring a fermentor and keg washer for the contract brewing portion of the operation.  With nearly two week left in the […] 

Follow the LAAW: Excel and the Finance of Beer

The Business Plan Is it really necessary? Everyone that has considered starting a business has heard from at least one person (and probably more) that you can’t do it without a business plan. It’s the “great equalizer.” “It separates the men from […] 

Follow the LAAW: A Big Month – Kickstarter

UPDATE – LOS ANGELES ALE WORKS KICKSTARTER IS LIVE Crowd Sourcing On February 15th, Los Angeles Ale Works will be utilizing the crowd sourcing social hub, Kickstarter.  All the pertinent info will be within the campaign itself, but we wanted […] 

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