Author: MGill

Meg Gill, a true beer aficionado, is best known for her expertise in bringing hand-crafted beer to local markets in a way that is not only best for the beer, but also for the consumer. In 2008, she began her career in the male-saturated-beer industry working as a regional sales manager for Oskar Blues Brewery – one of the nation’s fastest growing breweries based in Denver, Colorado. She quickly earned her stripes by developing and organizing events, including San Francisco’s Beer Week and the 2011 Craft Brewers Conference, and is now the youngest female brewery owner in the world, facilitating the development and product implementation of Golden Road Brewing. Beer is not the only driving force in Meg’s busy schedule. She is a former Ivy League Champion swimmer, earning more than 10 awards on behalf of Yale University.

The Golden Road

With time and beer consumption, the truth gets a little hard to define. I will try to speak honestly about my first summer in the beer biz. It started over some margaritas in Longmont, CO at a Mexican restaurant in […] 

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