Author: KMcKissick

Yum! The Craft Beer Cookbook

Flipping through the pages of The Craft Beer Cookbook by Jacquelyn Dodd, I became entranced by the delicious-sounding recipes as they flew past my eyes. Orange wheat beer and dark chocolate muffins, soft pretzels with chipotle beer cheese sauce, beer-braised […] 

The Truth About Beer

Since I draw science comics at Beatrice the Biologist, and beer is perhaps the most science-y beverage there is, Kip and I thought it was about time Bierkast, Los Angeles Ale Works (check out their Kickstarter!), and Beatrice hung out together. […] 


Brewing does not apply to just beer. This weekend, Kip and I brewed up some kombucha. This is considerably easier than brewing beer, so it’s right up my lazy alley. Kombucha is simply fermented tea. Here’s how it’s made: First […] 

Spent Grain Pizza Dough

Get your scrollin’ finger ready–this is the tale of spent grain pizza dough told through many, many pictures. After home brewing, you are left with a heaping mound of spent grain. You can compost this, trash this, or you can […] 

Beer Cocktail Time

This month’s Eagle Rock Brewery Women’s Beer Forum was held on location at Kings Row in Old Town Pasadena.  The theme was beer cocktails: beer mixed with liqueurs, liquors, fruit juice–sometimes on ice. Yes, it was insanity. Tasty, tasty insanity. […] 

Beer and deviled eggs

Last week’s Eagle Rock Brewery Women’s Beer Forum (ERBWBF?) was the first anniversary of the event. For this momentous occasion, they pulled out the big guns: food and Jessica Christensen. All we ladies crammed into the brewhouse to taste 6 […] 

Beer and Chocolate And ERB

Ladies, it is Women’s History Month. It is important that you celebrate your woman-li-ness. Do not let this rare opportunity pass you by. Now, if you’re wondering how to most effectively celebrate the aforementioned woman-li-ness, I have a suggestion: WOMEN’S […] 

ERB Lady Night – Champagne Beer

Once upon a Wednesday, Stephanie and Katie went to Eagle Rock Brewery to partake in the 3rd Women’s Beer Forum, a ladies-only community event with a themed beer flight. This month’s theme: champagne beers. The ladies will love it! The […] 

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