Author: Dave Stratton

Dave Stratton is an artist many times over, but like many struggling artists in LA, he hasn’t made a dime for any of it. Originally from Washington State, he found the three loves of his life in college: improvised comedy, his wife, and craft beer. Over time his drawing skills deteriorated to what resembles a chicken clawing at an Etch-a-Sketch due to the large amount of boring hand writing and note taking that he’s done in his professional life. He took his artistic aspiration to the computer through typing and creating media in hopes to one day become a robot himself. He also focused his craft on the stage by studying comedy at the iO West. He can be found performing around LA and Hollywood in hopes to score a few bucks for some beer money (jokes on him though because improvisers are almost never paid).

The CDFL is Redefining Drinking Games by Combining Craft Beer with Terrible Movies

For most adults the term “drinking game” conjures memories of college coeds guzzling crappy piss beer to ridiculous games like Kings Cup, Quarters, Flip Cup, or Beer Pong. They may also recall no real good ever coming out of these […] 

The Future of Beer is Craft

Beer of Tomorrow Helps Boost LA’s Craft Beer Scene Los Angeles has a burgeoning group of beer bloggers that are helping educate the craft beer community of LA.  One individual has made it his passion and dedicated his life to […] 

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