Author: Derek Springer

Derek is a contributor to Bierkast, a homebrewer, and a general beer-enthusiast. Beer snobbery especially bums him out and he thinks there is a time and place for any beer. Otherwise, he enjoys making and drinking uncommon styles and sampling as many beers as possible. Follow him @derekspringer or his homebrewing exploits @FiveBlades.

2013 Stone AHA Rally

The afternoon of March 16, 2013: the sun was shining, birds were chirping, and literal busloads of Southern California’s most enthusiastic homebrewers were gathing at Stone World Bistro and Gardens. What could cause this collection of curious chemists to congregate? […] 

Just Say “No!” to Frosted Glassware

I like to think that beer culture has come a long way in the past few decades: high-quality beer is being made by passionate brewers for passionate drinkers; folks actually give a darn what’s in their glass. But have you given enough […] 

Brewing Up Some Code

Howdy Kastinos, I’ve got an exclusive of sorts that I’m excited to share with y’all. I’ve made a little something that should especially excite the homebrewers out there that like to make and share their own recipes. But before I […] 

Sagas & Suds: Beers of Iceland

Iceland: a land of vast and unspoiled beauty, where the people are as rugged and sturdy as the land itself. First populated in the 9th century by the Norse, Iceland has always had a special fondness for fermented beverages; celebrating […] 

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