Author: Brett

Brett Padelford majored in English from USC and is currently the resident Bierkast photojournalist. He works with the USC Spirit of Troy as the social media manager and also writes about the local indie music scene. He enjoys beer, but isn't a snob and loves a good cigar.

Beer, Brett, and Baseball 2011 #3

It hasn’t been too long since I’ve written my last Beer & Baseball update but it’s felt like it.  Turns out, the drive from Texas to Upstate New York is long, boring, and tiring. Five hours of driving during the […] 

Beer, Brett, and Baseball 2011 #2

The odometer is already way past 1,200 miles, we only have three games under our belt, and Josh’s arms are brightly-burnt like the red on the ubiquitously-flown Texas state flag but the Beer & Baseball trip thus far has been […] 

Beer, Brett, and Baseball 2011 #1

Help us welcome the esteemed writer and photo journalist Brett Padelford, our newest Bierkast member! Four years ago, my high school friend Josh and I had the idea for an epic yet simple summer road trip: go to one minor […] 

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