Author: Brian Holter

Brian Holter has been an avid homebrewer since the winter of 2005. Together with Kingsley Toby he is a founding member of Pipe Dream Brewery, a future craft brewery located in Los Angeles, Ca.

White Labs: For the “Beer Geek” in all of us.

As someone who is interested enough in beer, or more specifically the craft beer community, to venture to a website dedicated to celebrating the craft of beer you have probably been to your fair share of tasting rooms or events. […] 

Pipe Dream Brewery – Selecting our Launch Beers Part 1

Hey everyone!  First I wanted to introduce myself.  My name is Brian Holter, and I am one half of Pipe Dream Brewery, a future Los Angeles craft brewery.  The other half of Pipe Dream is my longtime friend and co-founder/brewer […] 

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