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Sandro is a craft beer lover and supporter. He started home brewing a few years ago and have found himself a home in the craft beer culture. Raised in French Switzerland from two Sicilian Parents, he has traveled the world for quite some time before anchoring his backpack to Los Angeles California. Surfing and other outdoor activities have made this transition quite easy, but it's craft beer that has tied many points of interest here in So Cal. Accomplished master cabinet maker and wood worker for over 25 years, the DIY home brewing culture was a natural fit. He has cooked for as long as he could stand on a stool next to is mom and watch her make some of his favorite traditional Italian and Swiss French dishes. "Flavors run in my veins". The rest is history he is building day by day under the flagship of craft beer community with his social networking page/blog on Face Book called "Beer Circles".


I have tried a few delicious IPLs since The Humulus Lager revelation (read IPL & The Lager Renaissance part 1).  Pizza Port Brewing Claudie’s lager is a delicious example.  I still giggle every time I see a Humulus on a […] 


Giant brewing conglomerates have done a great job selling tasteless beers to the masses. A majority of these beers are brewed with the Lager yeast, or  “Saccharomyces Pastorianus”.It is named after Louis Paster. His research demonstrated that fermentation is caused […] 

Beer Circles, Dark beers in the spotlight

“All cats are black in the dark” Any ale-y cat could tell you this: do not judge a book by its cover or a beer by its color. Nothing sounds more true when talking about dark craft beers. Let me […] 

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