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There are quite a number of beer podcasts available online ranging from dudes drinking around a table, to commercial beer tastings, to more traditional-style talk radio.  From Jesse Friedman’s (Almanac Beer) Brewer’s Log to John Palmer & Jamil Zainasheff’s Brew Strong to Four Brewers featuring Matt Becker, John Holzer, Jason Harris, and Greg Nagel, beer podcasts today offer many options when it comes to discussing present day beer.

While many of the podcasts discuss current events, brewing techniques, and general brand cheerleading, it sometimes seems like the controversial issues are overlooked.  The reality is that there is quite a bit to discuss when it comes to the this craft world we’ve all created, and not everyone is doing it right.  Introducing The Beer Curmudgeons by Sayre Piotrkowski (@beerandsoulblog) and Collin McDonnell, industry pros who have launched a podcast to address these issues in a thoughtful and provocative way.  It’s relatively young and, at the time of writing this, there are only 4 episodes available (at about 60min each), but even just as a standalone, these episodes raise great questions.  It’s rare to hear new podcasts with this level of polish and, in addition to the listening quality, both Sayre and Collin are extremely well spoken. Arguments are raised in an informative and thoughtful manner with meaningful counterpoint – resulting in a debate you can really think about critically.

In the first episode the team interviews author, Siebel Institute Faculty Member, beer industry vet, and more importantly director of the Cicerone certification program, Ray Daniels, on the surge of IPAs in the craft beer market.  Are IPAs just becoming the new macro stand-in for adjunct lager? Are breweries on the search for the “faster horse” endlessly creating the same beer over and over again.  It’s interesting to hear these perspectives from industry pro’s like Daniels.

Craft beer conversations like these are important to have and they calibrate our brains to think critically.  Craft cheerleading is exciting and fun, but sometimes we need to take a step back and ask more questions.  If you are interested in a different type of podcast, definitely check these guys out.  Sometimes pessimism is the best medicine.

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