Ss Brew Kettle – Updated Trub Dam

New & Improved

Exciting news for existing and future Ss Brew Kettle owners.  The trub dam has been updated to increase stability and improve the seal between pot and silicone dam.  What does this mean? Ss Brew Tech has released a silicone dam replacement which all but completely covers the existing stainless dam apparatus.  This was done in order fix an issue where the silicone dam would detach during the boil which resulted in the dam not blocking hop particulate.  The fix was a total redesign of the silicone sleeve which now snuggly wraps around the entire stainless dam.  The height of the silicone sleeve has also been increased to minimize the space between dam and bottom of the brew kettle.

Perhaps the greatest aspect of this update is that all existing owners of the brew kettle were mailed out replacements at no cost.  In addition all new brew kettles will be outfitted with the new dam.

It’s clear that the Ss Brew Tech team is listening to customer feedback and the fact that they fixed this complaint promptly with no charge to the customer definitely says something about their mentality and customer service.  They could have easily sold it separately or as part of an expensive accessory pack.  I’m excited to try the new model out.  Ss Brew Tech also says they will be adding extra trub dams for purchase on their accessories page soon – so if you want extras, you’ll be able to get ’em.


In case you missed it, my homebrew setup along with my dog willow and facial hair were featured on an SS Brew Tech ad in BYOB and Zymurgy.  It was part of a new campaign the company is doing to feature home brewers using their gear.  It was also really cool to actually be able to meet the superstars behind the equipment outside of the customer service email and beer conventions.

Behold, the evidence.

You can see more photos from my photo shoot while simultaneously learning how you can get featured in an Ss Brew Tech ad at

Next Up

I’m still working on my video review for the Chronical to go along with the written one.  I’m really liking these conical fermentors and I want to be thorough.  More soon.






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  1. Rob:

    Man, if they were going to take the time to redo the dam, I would have liked to see some “wings” on the end. In your video the trub cam around the ends, not over the top. Partial wings so as not to block the flow of the wort from the edges/ends. Or full wings that start out as wide as the dam, then taper down to a point toward the side of the kettle. Non the less, I will probably be picking one of these up. I need a 20 gallon kettle.

    • Kip:

      Ya, the video was taken prior to the update so I was using the earlier version. The updated version contacts the bottom a bit snugger and also envelopes the entire blade so it wont fall off. Just so I know I understand what you are saying, you are thinking that it should have wings on the sides that taper up to the top? Or does this dam go all the way from end to end?

      • Rob:

        In your video you see most of the hop debris coming in around the back side…around the “ends” so to speak. If there was something there to help block that it would be great. Doesn’t really matter as in the scheme of things (5 gallons) a little debris isn’t going to make that big of a difference really.

        • Kip:

          Ya that is definitely something that happens, but the majority of the hop matter remains in the center. It depends on how much particulate you have in there, I think that the dam’s main goal is to reduce not to eliminate completely. The one good thing about the design is that it’s plug and play in terms of how it’s installed, which mean that if they do design a larger one in the future, it’ll be easy to replace/install. I’ve heard word that they are changing the shape of the damn. The short term adjustment was updating the rubber sleeve, which has made a difference in my brewing.

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