November Events!

x-1024x782Here are a few events we’ll be going to this month.  If you like going out and experiencing beer, you can’t go wrong here.

Shelton Brothers Beer Fest: The Festival 2014

If you’re familiar with the Beer Fest circuit in Southern California, you’ve probably heard whispers (or ecstatic screams) about the newest one coming to San Pedro on November 8th/9th.  The Shelton Bros Beer Fest is being referred to as the FW Invitational of Southern California and boasts one of the most incredibly international beer lines ups I’ve ever seen.  To sweeten the deal, it’s being held at the soon to open Brouwerij West warehouse on the port.  For those that haven’t been down to see this spot, it’s massive, making it perfect for a festival.

Not only will there be a fantastic international brewery turnout spread out over four sessions, two each on saturday and sunday, but there will also be food provided from local restaurant vendors.  You’ll also get a sneak peak at what is sure to be one of the most amazing brewery experiences in So Cal organized by industry veteran, Brian Mercer of Brouwerij West.

For a full list of what’s pouring go here ( , but some standouts include Cantillon, Jolly Pumpkin, Mahr’s Brau, Arizona Wilderness, Bagby Beer, Nogne, Firestone Walker and, of course, Brouwerij West.

Tickets for the fest are around $45 bucks with drink ticket packages starting at $5 for a pack of five.

BBG_Flyer_B_141108Board Beer Geek

It’s that time again! Our third installment of Board Beer Geek lands at Story Tavern this Saturday, November 8th! We’re collectively celebrating our Birthdays and getting together to game over beers and tavern food! Please join us.  Entry/Gaming is free and beers, food, and merch will be handled using BBG Coins like before.

We’re excited to welcome the talented folks from Smog City Brewing Co and Macleod Ale Brewing Company to this event.  They’ll be bringing some fantastic cask ale with them (Double Dry Hopped Grape Ape and Jackie Tar on Oak) and their gaming faces!

We’ve got some new games to share with you too so this is a great time to play test some new options before you add them permanently to your library!

Get Tickets Here!

Alpine Kraft Bierfest

If you haven’t yet been to been to one of LA’s premier Oktoberfest destinations, Alpine Village, it’s time to change that.  With the traditional german beer fes happenings at an end it’s time to make way for more a modern event.  Welcome to the Alpine Kraft Bierfest, showcasing local craft beers and german food.  Tickets start at $40 and include a tasting glass and unlimited tastings.  Food is sold separately, but you’ll be able to order traditional German fare from the Alpine Village kitchen.

Day 1 and 2 showcase different beers so plan on buying just one day or go with both.  Get ready for some great beers from local greats like Smog City Brewery, The Bruery, Fig Mountain, and Allagash.  For a full line-up can be found HERE.


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