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LABBKernRiverCamping near Kern River Brewing Co

Kern_Kip_Iphone_05Easter weekend marked the 1st LA Beer Bloggers Camping Trip – Destination Kern River and Kern River Brewing Co. Open to all LA Beer Bloggers, as well as friends and family, this trip was the first in a reoccurring series of camaraderie building activities. Our meetings are typically housed at breweries, brewpubs, and beer bars, which make them more formal, but having a quiet river as the backdrop made for a very unique experience. We stayed at the Frandy campground, a four minute walk from Kern River Brewing Co, which made it the ideal local.

Kern_Kip_Iphone_07All in all we had about 25 bloggers make the trek north to the sleepy town of Kernville.  Friday afternoon included setting up camp, growler fills and samplers at Kern, and a dinner by the fireside.  Saturday morning was greeted with sizzling eggs over a coleman stove, toast, bananas, and cereal.  The group assembled at the brewery for a more formal tour guided by Master of Brewing Kyle Smith, who walked us through is currently tiny operation with exciting news of a future expansion on the horizon.  Kern River Brewing has an excellent assortment of fresh hoppy beers, experimental casks, and comfort food.  After the tour we moseyed over to the river festival complete with hooligan boat race, where the group cheered KBC’s home made keg boat and back to the camp ground for an epic bottle share and potluck.

All in all the trip was a great excuse to experience beer outside of the LA city limits, get to know each other better, and relax.  I’m looking forward to the next camping trip already.  Special thanks to Erika Bolden and Kelly Erickson for putting the event together.  Cheers!

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