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I recently sat down with Lynne Weaver, the founder of Inglewood’s soon-to-be first and only brewery, Three Weavers Brewing Co.  Like many other new entrants to the space, Weaver was brought into craft beer through staple brands like Sierra Nevada and Ballast Point, which enticed her to pick up home brewing.  It wasn’t until this mother of three started sharing her brews with friends, family that she realized that she wanted to take her passionate hobby further.  She developed a plan for her new brewery to be, Three Weavers Brewing, named after her three daughters, and set out to find the perfect location.

static.squarespaceCrafting Inglewood

Flash forward to March 2014, Weaver has leased a large 10,000 sq ft building near the major crossing of Florance and Manchester in the re-gentrifying city of Inglewood.  The re-gentrifying city is currently craft beerless and Weaver hopes to change that (something this Inglewood resident is very excited about).  Her extensive background in financial planning and her tenacity has already won the attention of all star brewer Alexandra Nowell.  Nowell who previously brewed at Kintetic, Drakes, and Sierra Nevada,  partnered with Weaver on the project earlier this year and will act as Brewmaster piloting a 15bbl brewhouse and bottle line.  The Pink Booted duo plans to open 3rd QT 2014 and it’s looking promising that they’ll meet their goal.

Her first commercial offering, The Messenger, the Buddha Hand infused Three Weavers IPA collaboration with Noble Ale works, is solid.  This extremely tasty beer pours a golden straw and has a lemony-citrus, floral hop profile, with an incredibly clean dry finish.  It’s a fantastic first offering.  Weaver also has a Golden Road Brewing Co collaboration out called Cross the Pond, a english session IPA, which was originally brewed in the UK.

MessengerWho is Lynne Weaver

Weaver is unique in her resolve.  She is an incredibly passionate person who is driven, organized, and a creative problem solver.  As someone who is making a flash entrance into a mail dominated space, her female-run brewery concept is something fresh and different.  The greater LA area is quickly becoming known for talented women in brewing industry so Lynne enters the space in good company.  She’s not afraid to get her hands dirty and she’s always quick to point out that she’s a brewer and wants to stay that way.  Weaver will be working side by side her first hire, Brewsmaster Alexandra Nowell, who comes  from Kinetic, having also served stints at Drakes and Sierra Nevada.  Together they are revamping home brew recipes, creating new ones, and developing their brand.

Weaver is devoted to community, charity, and people.  During our interview she reiterated her focus on creating a fun, supportive, and stimulating work environment where employees would be encouraged to grow.  A large worry these days is that brewers and employees will move-on to bigger and better opportunities.  This something that Weaver is aware of and wants to encourage, but by offering appropriate compensation and a great work environment, she hopes people will want to stay.  She hopes that this attitude will translate to the taproom which will be a local gallery for artists, offer take-out delivery from local food vendors, and be a community hub.  Weaver is very focused on people, which is the right attitude for someone leading the craft beer revolution in a new city.

91667c6a623cfac57b329d98a426b4fe_largeThe Kickstarter

By this time, you probably know how much I love Kickstarter.  It’s a fantastic platform for entrepreneurs to share their projects with the hopes of making dreams reality.  To raise awareness about the brewery and gather funds for the tasting room, Weaver has launched a kickstarter herself, which at 10 days to go, is at nearly half their goal.  Weaver is Community focused and committed to giving back to Inglewood.  If you live in Inglewood or in the Greater LA area, consider backing this brewer to help her build out the tasting room.  It’s a great opportunity to get involved and every little bit helps.

For more info on Three Weavers Brewing Co, visit their website www.threeweavers.lafollow them on twitter @3WeaversBeeror like them on facebook.

You can find their Kickstarter Campaign Here!



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