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Beer-Kissed Greg Nagel courtesy of

Beer-Kissed Greg Nagel courtesy of

Kickstarter, love it or hate it (we love it!), is a hotbed for young entrepreneurs and tasty innovations.  Being part of these projects is what makes kickstarter special and despite the super high powered movie studios forcing their way into arena, there are still plenty of worthwhile independent projects to throw your dollars at.  Recently I came across (thanks to Boujie Baking Co run by a young baker, Cassie Forington, who’s Beer Kissed product line, consists of decadent treats spike with local brews.  She lives up in Arcata, CA and prowdly features beers from Redwood Curtain Brewing Co, Lagunitas Brewing, Mad River Brewing Co, Lost Coast Brewery, Six Rivers Brewery, Deschutes Brewery, and Bison Brewing creating everything from candied almonds to brownies.

Cassie is no stranger to Kickstarter, having successfully funded her first project on the popular crowd funding site.  Increased demand and popularity has brought her back and this time she’s looking to not only expand her product line to beer-kissed caramel sauces, but also to have them be available in Whole Foods!  Cassie just launched her 2nd kickstarter – Boujie Bakery Goes Big – and has 8 days left to reach her $25K goal. Not only does backing get you early access to some of her product line, but if she’s successfully you’ll likely be able to get more of it at your local Whole Foods market! How cool is that?

Like all Kickstarter, Cassie needs your help to make her project successful.  Rewards range from thank yous, to caramel sauces, to custom wedding cakes!  For as little as $10 you can help Cassie reach her goal and score a sea salt chocolate chip cookie!  You’ll also get some cool transparent stickers – Check out Greg Nagel of rockin’ his stickers!

I contacted Cassie to get a preview of the new product line and I can safely say that this is a Kickstarter worth backing.  Here’s what we tried!

Caramel Sauces

These Caramel sauces are rich, tasty, and incredibly versatile.  We used them for dipping pretzels and apples, but ice cream and even glazed meat would also work.  She has three sauces to choose from, each very different and each using specific beer styles. Raspberry Lambic Caramel Sauce, Scotch Porter Caramel Sauce, and Honey Basil Ale Caramel Sauce.  Both the Raspberry Lambic and Scotch Porter sauces are lighter in beer flavor and are pleasantly sweet.  The Honey Basil Ale sauce is shift more towards savory and was a very unique treat.  The basil is nicely pronounced – thai chicken glaze!  I could definitely see this being a hit with the foodies and beeries in Los Angels and with all the crazy beers being brewed these days, the sky is the limit for possible flavor combos.


Original Line-Up

Boujie Baking Co.’s original line-up includes IPA Peanut Brittle, Spicy IPA Pralined Almonds, and, my favorite, Cookies, and Two Brew Caramel Brownies.  The brownie is layered and utilizes both Mad River and Lost Coast beers to create a very decadent desert.  It’s also an incredibly moist and fresh tasting brownie for one that is in a package.  All of these products feel craft made and not manufactured which adds to the allure and also speaks mounds to the care being put into the product being made.  Cassie clearly cares about what she’s making, which translates to a fantastic product.


I’m guessing we’ll be seeing more of Boujie Baking Co. as her product line expands and perhaps we’ll even see some of her products down here in the near future.  This is definitely a worthy kickstarter to support and if you are a beer lover, it’s a slam dunk! Cheers!

To learn more about Cassie’s current kickstarter go here. –

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