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Some exciting news! One of my favorite Central/Southern California breweries is opening up in Venice.  There have been rumors circling the facility and exactly what it’ll be and here is the official news.  The most exciting part of this whole venture is the small scale pilot R&D system they will be using to make brewpub only beers.  This is a stark contrast to other larger brewery operations expanding into LA area with plans on taking over with larger systems.

Firestone Walker is a large brewery with a small local brewery mentality.  A strong emphasis is placed on quality craft and community building – it’s refreshing.  Get ready Venice because it’s going to be an awesome adventure.

Firestone Walker Brewing Company to Host Venice Meet-and-Greet on December 3

Firestone Walker Brewing Company will hold a neighborhood meet-and-greet at its new Venice property on December 3starting at 6:30 p.m. to share the brewery’s ideas and plans with the local community. The property is located at 3205 West Washington near Lincoln Boulevard.

The presented concepts will include:

• A small-scale complete four-vessel brewhouse for brewing R&D beers and special one-off brews.

• A restaurant that showcases Firestone Walker’s approach to beermaking while offering a menu and ambiance unique to the Venice property.

• A discovery center featuring a tasting room, retail space and training room for educational experiences such as hop seminars and blending sessions. The goal is to develop a connective channel with craft beer enthusiasts and the local brewing community, from home brewers to professionals.

Firestone Walker plans to improve the existing buildings without increasing their size, density or footprint. The property has sufficient parking space without the need for artificial parking schemes. Firestone Walker intends to facilitate local access via the property’s alleyways, and will make extensive accommodation for bicycles.

More details along with architectural drawings will be shared at the December 3 event. Proprietor Adam Firestone will be on hand to seek input and answer questions. Beer and light appetizers will be served. The invitation is open to Venice residents, and no RSVP is necessary.

In the weeks following the meet-and-greet, Firestone Walker will present its plans to the Venice Neighborhood Planning Committee.  Subsequent presentations will be made to the Venice Neighborhood Council and the Los Angeles City Zoning Administrator. This process will allow for guiding input and pave the way for the build out of the new facilities.

FW Presentation Plan

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