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Buttress Of Windsor_BottleOur Philosophy

The Los Angeles Ale Works brand is a living animal, an intentional point in our business plan. With the amazing help of our brand manager and designer, Ken Barnes, we’ve created an impressive portfolio of artwork, logos, and images that help communicate our brand as a one of quality and creativity. As we embark on the next phase of our endeavor, private fundraising, we are also managing the production of our beers in parallel. Along with the portfolio of beers we’ve imagined and set forth as our starting flagships (although flagship is a dated term these days and one we are looking to redefine) we’re interested first and foremost in our customer feedback – from beer style suggestions to tasting feedback. This is why we released Karma Kolsch as our second beer, fan-demanded, and why we will be releasing Buttress of Windsor, KS backer-voted, as our 4th beer. Because “we” (you and us) want it and “we” like that!

TrueAndBrave_03Everyone’s palate is different. John and I want to build this brewery to make beers that both we and you like. John is a huge fan of the Kolsch style, and I’m a lover of the Saison. We will make these beers, but the wonderful thing about brewing is that it’s an evolving process. If you look back into the history of beer you’ll see that the early beer world was built on the popularity of specific innovative styles. From the Munich Dunkel, to the Bock, to the Czech Pils, to the Stout, these beers were pushed into popularity not only by the brewers that made them, but by the people consuming them. That being said, we don’t want to make just one style, and we don’t always want to make everything to-style.  Ingredients change, palates evolve, and the general craft beer populous is becoming more adventurous. Seasonal menus, the locavore mindset, and small craft businesses are flourishing. This is a movement we want to support. If we use a seasonal orange in our Saison and it’s not available next year, why not change it up and use grapefruit, lime, or another fruit entirely? Beer, like wine, vintages and should be consistently good but not necessarily consistently the exact same flavor.


Coffee Rye Porter

With the idea of seasonal in mind, we bring you the Coffee Rye Porter – Buttress of Windsor. British yeast, German malt, American Hops, and local coffee. John and I love using rye in our recipes, hence our first flagship roggenbier Gams-bart. What makes Gams-bart, Gams-Bart is largely the Bavarian yeast, which gives it that signature clove-banana flavor. Adjust the yeast and recipe a bit and you have something completely different. Buttress is loosely related to Gams-Bart in the grain bill, with the darkness of a robust English-style porter and the mouthfeel of a roggenbier.

TrueAndBraveIn addition to the roasted element, we’re adding coffee, but not just any coffee. Something local. Something we learned from Karma Kolsch is the value of partnering with local businesses. With Karma we partnered with Bird Pick Tea and Herb. We know our beer and they know their tea. In this instance where coffee is the feature we’ve decided to partner with True and Brave Roasters, a micro roaster who shares our attention to detail and quality. Brian is supplying us with a custom roast that’ll pair perfectly with the base beer.

TrueAndBrave_06We met with Brian Behrend, co-owner of True and Brave, for a coffee tasting. John and I went through 3 different coffees, each with 3 different roasts, for a total of 9 tastings. Rwanda, Guatemala, and Ethiopia were the focus of the night, and each coffee had some massively different flavor profiles.  From blueberries to dark cacoa nibs, coffee, like beer, has a diverse profile of tasting notes.  True and Brave Roasters is currently fulfilling small batch roasted coffee via mail order subscription.

Availability & Upgrade

With all this talk about the Coffee Rye Porter, you may ask yourself, when the heck is this beer going to be ready to drink? We’ll  brewing this beer on September 30th & October 1st, two brew days. For this batch we are making twice as much because our new Kickstarter Backed Fermentor arrived! With the help of Ohana and Alchemy and Science Beer Guru Jon Carpenter, we stood our fermentor up and are prepping it for its first batch.  The first beer, the beer to inaugurate our very first fermentor, was chosen by our Kickstart Backers and they unanimously chose Buttress of Windsor!

Cheers and thanks again to all of our amazing Kickstarter Backers and beer patrons who continue to make this adventure possible.

The Fermentor is in the House


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