Ziggy the Beer Yeast: The Game

My favorite hobby is being creatively busy.  In addition to Los Angeles Ale Works and Bierkast, I’m also writing a book on Southern California beer as part of the Beer Lover’s series, and working with local LA Beer writers/media types on the group LA Beer Bloggers.  That being said, outside of the beer-o-sphere, I’m a geek and a gamer.  Although I don’t have as much time for geeking out on board games, watching Geek & Sundry, playing my playstation 3, or my latest toy, the OUYA, I still manage to mobile game on my iPhone at the pub and in the elevator.  My wife also shares the “creatively busy” bug with me so she also has a few side projects, one being part of a very small Independent app developer called Tip-Tok Apps.  Tip-Tok is three people, Niilo Tippler, the wiz programmer/developer, Chris Tokunaga, the talented artist/animator, and Katie McKissick, the QA/Idea Factory/Producer.  Their focus is kid friendly semi-educational arcade and creative games and they’ve done an excellent job with their first two games, Amoeboid and Chicks-In-Tanks

I recently worked on a project with them called, Ziggy the Beer Yeast: An Adventure in Fermentation, which is essentially, a beer-themed game.  Utilizing an engine developed on one of their previous games, Amoeboid, Ziggy the Beer Yeast, is an arcade style game where you pilot a yeast cell around with your finger, skillyfully avoiding bacteria while eating sugar.  With each sugar crystal you eat, you drive up the alcohol percentage, your goal being to hit the style guidelines ABV of the level you are playing.  There are 10 levels, which are each classic beer styles and each level has randomly generated flavor compounds that appear.  Skunk, Bubble Gum, Horse Blanket, Clove, are all here.  What’s more is after you collect these compounds, you can learn a little about them in the flavor cabinet.

What started out little more than a basic idea in late January 2013 has now become a full fledged mobile game.  Ziggy The Beer Yeast: An Adventure in Fermentation is available now on iOS & Android platforms. Now for only 99 cents you can support a Local Brewery as well as a Local Indie App Developer, all at the same time!  We need all the help we can get getting the word out.  We don’t have a giant label backing us so we are working our hardest to promote the game via word of mouth.  If you like the game be sure to tell friends and family.  We would love to do more with additional features, but we can only do that if the game is successful.  Thanks in advance!  If you review the game be sure to message and post it to our facebook page and you can also tweet at us @ziggybeeryeast.

Stay tuned for future posts where you’ll get to meet the team behind the game.


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