The Future of Beer is Craft

Beer of Tomorrow Helps Boost LA’s Craft Beer Scene

Los Angeles has a burgeoning group of beer bloggers that are helping educate the craft beer community of LA.  One individual has made it his passion and dedicated his life to growing this scene in hopes that it will someday reach the size of neighboring San Diego’s.  John Verive started his website and blog, Beer of Tomorrow, with the philosophy that “The Future of Beer is Craft.”  I always pictured beer of the future to look like Dippin’ Dots and have dry ice vapors emulsifying from the rim, but John’s idea is much better.  With John’s great vision of the future of beer, he is a great advocate for bolstering the craft beer scene of LA, and I set out to see how he plans to accomplish his ambitions.

John originally grew up in Orange County, but found his passion for craft beer and brewing in college while attending UC Santa Cruz (go Banana Slugs).  Like the many before him, John moved to LA in 2003 to start a film career, but quickly gave up because it sucked.  John went on to a project management job, but the corporate grind was killing him.  Instead of wanting to smash his head in the door day after day, he decided to focus full-time on writing by starting an internship with Gawker Media and  Lifehacker was a good boot camp for John to write for the internet professionally.  After toying with writing blogsites about men’s lifestyle and then about Los Angeles, John joined his love for craft beer and LA to create Beer of Tomorrow.

David vs. Goliath or craft beer vs. the Big Beer fat cats is what inspires BOT.  John’s site is focused on producing craft beer related news, quick posts, events, and where to go to find locally produced brews.  There are so many great spots in LA for craft beer that not many people know about.  In fact, there is such a new scene in Los Angeles that even people in LA who enjoy craft beer may not know about it.

John considers himself a beer nerd or beer geek and he intends to share what makes craft beer special.  His challenge is finding a craft for people that say they don’t like beer.  John’s wife, Julie, didn’t start drinking the golden bubbly until she had Eagle Rock’s Ginger Saison and now she has turned to the craft side of the force.  And we all know that couples who drink beer together, stay together.  John’s a firm believer that beer is something special, not just a drink to get you drunk.

Beer of Tomorrow’s fan base has greatly increased over the last year and even Wil Wheaton is a fan who shared BOT on Google+.  Hmmm, Wesley Crusher liking and sharing beer of the future?  I think this is more than just a coincidence because I suspect that the crew of the Enterprise may have forgotten the lieutenant when they came back in time looking for Data.  We’re on to you Wheaton.

John’s number one goal is to be the best beer blogger in Los Angeles, but he doesn’t necessarily know what that means.  His goal for Beer of Tomorrow is to make LA a better place by growing the craft beer scene.  People generally have negative stereotypes of LA, but the majority of those people haven’t lived in it or experienced it.  If they did live here, then they would find that Los Angeles has a neighborhood feel that’s in a big city.  John loves the energy and creativeness of the people that do live in this sprawling metropolis.  LA has a huge market for craft beer that is untapped (I get one bad pun an article).  Reaching this market takes education, outreach, and teaching people to care about what’s in their glass, to drink local, and to drink fresh.  If Beer of Tomorrow can help do this, then there is no doubt that LA can join the list of big craft beer cities that are in California as well as the nation.  BOT will also help create beer that is satisfying to our future robot overlords that will enslave us all.

About Dave Stratton

Dave Stratton is an artist many times over, but like many struggling artists in LA, he hasn’t made a dime for any of it. Originally from Washington State, he found the three loves of his life in college: improvised comedy, his wife, and craft beer. Over time his drawing skills deteriorated to what resembles a chicken clawing at an Etch-a-Sketch due to the large amount of boring hand writing and note taking that he’s done in his professional life. He took his artistic aspiration to the computer through typing and creating media in hopes to one day become a robot himself. He also focused his craft on the stage by studying comedy at the iO West. He can be found performing around LA and Hollywood in hopes to score a few bucks for some beer money (jokes on him though because improvisers are almost never paid).

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