Heritage Festival at Angel City Brewing

Heritage Fest BannerAngel City Brewing held their first annual Heritage Festival this past Saturday. From 11am to 6pm, the street fair event featured artists, live music, food, and tons of Angel City beer. The festival marked a major milestone for Angel City Brewing, offering its widest variety of beer to date (I counted 12) while showing off the latest renovations to its sprawling historical building. In addition, a portion of festival proceeds are going to Art Share L.A., a local non-profit that offers live/work creative space to arts district residents. ACB has made it a priority to support the surrounding Arts District and it showed on Saturday as both artists and beer lovers were out in full force.

We tried a three beer flight with a mix of old favorites and new beer. The Berliner Weisse and French Sip were as good as we remembered. I’m not sure how often the French Sip is going to be on tap in the tasting room, so get out there quickly to try some – it’s one of the most unique beers being brewed in Los Angeles right now. Head brewer Dieter Foerstner concocted this divinely original brown ale, featuring rosemary, pink salt and seaweed. And it works! I’ve tried it several times now and, as the novelty wears off, I’m finding myself enjoying it just because it’s a flat out good beer.

Exit Through the GiftshopIt was a warm sunny day in downtown Los Angeles and as a result lots of people were crowding into the indoor bar/hangout area. The biggest change since our last visit was the new use of middle mezzanine. Directly across from the bar, this tucked away space has been split into a gift shop and a long table/live music relaxation area. The space is appropriately divided using three rows of Angel City kegs, keeping the industrial feel alive and well. The gift shop has all kinds of new ACB swag that you shouldn’t leave home without.

We wandered outside back into the heat and cooled down with a Pilsner and Eurka Wit!, arguably two of the most refreshing beers ACB produces. There was a lot of action outside as people listened to live music on the main stage, enjoyed the half dozen food trucks that were out for the day, and checked out local artist exhibits. Angel City had a live screen printing tent where they were pressing one of a kind, Heritage Festival t-shirts (picture in the gallery below) – very cool!

ACB CrewWe wrapped up the day by heading inside and checking out some of the new beers: Oktoberfest and Social IPA. The Oktoberfest is a straight ahead oktoberfest/marzen style beer that will satisfy any malt-head. It was really well done. The Social IPA was one of the more unique beers ACB was offering that day. Labeled an IPA, but coming in at 4.4%, the beer eschews traditional style categorization. Half XPA, half IPA, half dry-hopped Kolsch this beer was a palate tingling refresher, a beer that I think would have done equally well at Eagle Rock Brewery’s session fest. If it stays on tap long enough, I highly recommend checking it out and judging it for yourself.

Outdoor MusicLooking back on the day, it’s safe to say there is much that Angel City Brewing is doing right. Experimental beers? Check. Traditional beers? Check. Integrating itself into the Arts community? Big Check. We had a great time and look forward to more events like this at Angel City Brewing. Housed in one of the greatest buildings for a brewery in all of Southern California, the sky is the limit for the ACB team. Get over there now so you can say you’ve been going since before it was cool, because a year from now everyone will know just how good the currently under-rated Angel City Brewing really is.


featured photo curtousy of Angel City Brewing


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