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I’ve only just begun to tap into the craft beer scene in Los Angeles, and my palpable pre-pubescence about it all has me feeling star-struck when I meet head brewers or bartenders or the dudes who lug around kegs or even just people who look cool drinking beer.

there were, like, 80 ladies in there.Imagine my giddy delight when I met Devon Randall, newest head brewer of Pizza Port Solana Beach, at Eagle Rock Brewery’s Women’s Forum held March 20th.  I had amassed a six-woman crew to join me for the extra special two-year anniversary of the forum.  And the place was packed.  It was on fire in there.  We were all sweaty and laughy and pink.

Devon brought with her a flight of five Solana Beach brews (and I learned that yes, the different Pizza Port locations have some different brews because, also I learned, duh, they each have a different head brewer).  They were, in no particular order: Kashi Kronik (special and likely not to be seen for long), Ponto Pale Ale (a mysterious beer lacking a consistent recipe. Through trial and error, Devon figured ‘er out), Whale’s Tale Pale Ale (a fav among my lady-crew), Swami’s IPA (yes, please), and Silky Heads, a total surprise – Thai food-inspired wheat beer.

Ting Su, Devon Randall, and me

Ting Su, Devon Randall, and me

The pinnacle of the evening consisted of the telling of Devon’s triumphant rise in the world of craft brewing.  Her initial exposure to home brewing was through an old boyfriend.  She helped out here and there but it didn’t take at the time.  Fast forward a bit: she’d been hating her job in real estate and just decided she’d like a change.  Donned in her fancy blouse and skirt, she walked right in to a brewery and asked to “just watch for a day.”  Soon enough, it caught on.  She began learning the intricacies of warehouse work, building muscle and determination, passion and knowhow, and from there she moved up to packing and distributing, working in the cellar, and then assisting the head brewer.  Now, she herself is a head brewer, and she did it all in three years(!). She also proudly stands as the only female head brewer in all of the San Diego area.  Fist pump!  She urged all female home brewers to keep working, and urges newbies like me to get more involved.  

Fist pump!

Fist pump!

Ting Su, co-founder of ERB/Women’s Forum (and bierkast contributor), also generously honored the festivities (two years!) by gifting us each a REALLY AWESOME commemorative goblet!  A warm congratulations goes out to Ting for all her efforts!

Next up: a trip down to Solana Beach before Kashi Kronik runs dry?


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Meagan Christy is a freelance musician, cat-wrangler and Bierkast contributor. She loves jokes and building unnecessary stuff with wood. She lives in Los Angeles with some cats and a pretty rad dude. She really digs beer, duh.

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