Follow the LAAW: Kickstarter On Track – 35K Stretch

LAAW_CardinalOn March 8th, 2013, the Los Angeles Ale Works Kickstarter hit its $25,000K goal.

The money is aimed at procuring a fermentor and keg washer for the contract brewing portion of the operation.  With nearly two week left in the Kickstarter campaign, Los Angeles Ale Works now seeks to stretch their goal to $35,000, which will not only allow them to obtain a second fermentation tank, but also release a second beer along side their popular first release, Gams-Bart.

In addition to the stretch goal comes stretch rewards which are earmarked for certain tiers and unlocked when the team reaches various set goals.

  • A red shirt variation on the LAAW shirt
  • A cardinal and gold variation of the coaster and stickers
  • A LAAW Pint Glass
  • Bottle Openers
  • More Votes
  • Embroidered Hats
  • Growlers
  • Raffle


Here’s the info as it appears on Kickstarter. Be sure to follow along and pledge before March 22nd so you can check out exclusive backer updates.

LAAW GAMS-BART BEER CARD cmykStretch Reward #1 $26,000

UNLOCK: LAAW Voting Event for Glassware
At $26,000 everyone at the $50 dollar (and up) pledge level will be getting a pint glass.
What will they look like? You’ll decide with your voting power at the end of the Kickstarter. We’ll provide several different choices, and you can all vote and decide what our next glass is! How cool is that?! It’s all about working together to make this brewery happen.

KS Stickers

Now this is where it gets fun!!

Step 1, we open up new donation levels:

$75 Pledge – get a classic keychain bottle opener printed/engraved with LAAW
$150 Pledge – get a fidel/steamer hat with LAAW embroidery

KS CoastersStep 2, set stretch rewards that take these new reward levels and make them ridiculously awesome!

Stretch Reward #2 $30,000

UNLOCK: Custom LAAW Professional Bottle Opener
At $30,000 everyone at the $75 dollar (and up) pledge level will be getting a customized LA Ale Works bartender style bottle opener. Forget that keychain bottle opener–this is no toss away trinket! It will become your household go-to bottle opener. There’s a reason all professional bartenders use it. A true collector’s item, these will be a small batch order only made for the Kickstarter.

In addition to this, everyone at the $75 and up level gets an extra bottle cap (+1 vote)!

Karma Unlock

Stretch Reward #3 $35,000

UNLOCK: Custom labeled LAAW Growler
At $35,000 everyone at the $150 dollar (and up) pledge level will get a 64-oz screw top amber glass growler. Custom printed with the LAAW logo in white. These babies will be awesome, and we can’t wait to give them out. The only catch is that you’ll have to be patient. These will be given out next year prior to our facility opening. Think of it as your own private mug club in a bottle.

In addition to this, everyone at the $75 and up level gets 2 extra bottle caps (+2 votes)!

Also!!!! KARMA KOLSCH. Our Thai Tea Kolsch will be released along side Gams-Bart.  Having 2 fermentors will give us the ability to have two simultaneous beers.


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