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Crowd Sourcing

On February 15th, Los Angeles Ale Works will be utilizing the crowd sourcing social hub, Kickstarter.  All the pertinent info will be within the campaign itself, but we wanted to give you all a preview.  We’ll be shooting for $20,000 – $25,000 from backers, which will go towards purchasing a new conical fermenter and manual keg washer.  This goal will allow us to purchase both of these pieces of equipment, which will enable us to continue to grow through our gypsy brewing phase.

That’s right, Gypsy Brewing.  Los Angeles Ale Works’ first plan of attack is gypsy brewing with local LA area breweries to spread brand awareness.  We will be brewing our recipes in the host brewery in a pseudo collaborative fashion.  John and I feel very strongly about working with and along side others in the LA craft beer scene so we want everyone to know who’s brewing our beer with us.  No smoke, no mirror, just honesty and transparency.  Our kickstarter is set to be 30-35 days.  At the end of our campaign, we’ll hopefully have the funds, and we’ll be purchasing equipment.  Production lead times for these pieces of equipment vary between 8-18 weeks.

Fermenter and Keg Washer

We have several stretch goals as well.  If we are able to surpass our goal, one of us will be going to brew school, which is good for everyone in the long run.  As creative and competent as we both are, there are always new things to learn, and as Jiro (from Jiro Dream’s of Sushi) says, you must learn, devote yourself, and refine your craft every day.  Getting certified is part of our road map and it would be great to be able to start it now or be doing it during the license approval waiting game.

Private Fundraising – PPM

Near the end of our kickstarter (there will more than likely be overlap) we’ll be launching our private fundraising, aimed at procuring $750K.  This is what we need to open our production facility so we’ll be looking for like minded Angel Investors that are interested in helping us reach our goal.  We are doing our fundraising through a Private Placement Memorandum, and we project that this fundraiser will last about 6 months. At that point we’ll know how much we have in hand, and we’ll be looking for a location.  West Los Angeles, Culver City adjacent, has been on our radar for a while, but depending on the capital we are able to raise, we may have to look elsewhere for warehouse space.

LAAW Elevation


We have some pretty cool rewards for our kickstarter backers.  Unfortunately the finale of this kickstarter will not lead directly to having a physical location so we’ve been hesitant to reward everyone with a private party in our brewery especially when that day may be 2-3 years from now. We’ll still be doing a reward like this, but we also have some other hand made goods.  Bierkast’s Mike Morse has been helping the LAAW team out for some time and he’s created some pretty nifty hand-made wooden beer cases with his friend Dan.  Each of these is painted black, holds 24 12oz bottles, and has the LAAW Emblem on the front.  These are extremely limited and will be provided to some of our top tier backers.  We also have hand made tap handles.  We’ve made some for our bars already, but we’ll be making another run of them for our top tier kickstarter backers.


As we go down the list we have things like:

  • Growler Coolers – sourced from a small web based company called
  • LAAW T-Shirts – hand screen printed by Aaron Rocha’s company Mischief Brigade.  I even pulled a few of these myself.  Support Local Artists!
  • Stickers – screen printed by a local company in Torrance called StickerWorks
  • Coasters – printed by giant brewing print house eGrandstand.  Not local, but the quality is exceptional
  • Community Tap Votes – depending on your pledge level, you’ll get a certain number of votes that can be used when we make public decisions for things like the next beer on tap.  We’ll have a tap devoted specifically to what everyone votes on.  This will help keep us in line with what people want to be drinking not just what we think people want to be drinking.

*Laser Engraving*

One of my favorite awards is also one of the most affordable ones.  We will be commissioning a large stainless plaque to be laser engraved with all names of backers who contribute $25 or more.  We’re hoping this will incentive everyone to at least choose this reward level.  The plaque will be fixed to the fermentor we buy.  We want everyone to be included in on this so, if you can spare at least $25, you’ll be immortalized on this plaque.  How are you going to see it? We’ll make sure there’s a step ladder so you can check it out when you visit :)

Our Beer

The good news for craft beer fans and LAAW enthusiast alike is that we’ll have beer out later this month (~Feb 25).  Our Bavarian style Roggenbier, Gams-Bart, is going to be out in local LA bars, and we’re going to have a slew of launch parties.  If you’re on the fence with supporting us and you’re in the area, come out and taste the beer yourself to help you make the decision.  We’ll release more info as the dates grow closer, but be on the lookout for events at Beer Belly, City Tavern, Far Bar, and Spring Street Smoke House – to name a few.

John and I are incredibly excited about the future.  We would love to have you all come along for the ride.  We’ll need your support and your taste buds to get us to our (yours and LAAW’s) goal.  This is a community project, and we are dedicated to listening.


Follow the LAAW

Time to get ramped up and spread the word.  February 15th is about 2 weeks away.  For more information about Los Angeles Ale Work visit us at or check out our facebook and twitter – #FollowtheLAAW.

Follow the LAAW!


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