BierBuzz at Bockfest 2013

Jason TorresOur friends over at BierBuzz have some exciting news to share.  CEO Jason Torres has been asked to be celebrity beer judge for the Bockfest 2013! He’ll be helping to crown the winner of the best beer at the event, which may prove a difficult task as they have a large number of great imports and local beers.  Good luck Jason!

Check out the official press release below.

Owner and CEO of BierBuzz to be Special Guest Judge at BockFest 2013


By Jeremiah Riley
January 23, 2013

Hollywood, CA – California based BierBuzz announced recently that Owner Jason Torres has been asked to judge at this year’s BockFest in Hollywood, CA. This is big news for the company that is now seen by over 40,000 (and growing) viewers on a weekly basis.
BierBuzz expects that this honor will increase the notoriety of the company image and increase its viewer’s base. This will also add yet another list of accomplishments to the already striving beer network site.

This invitation by the officials at BockFest showcase that BierBuzz is becoming a formidable company that can be trusted and their judgment worthy and sought after.

BockFest is “a celebration of some the world’s best beers in Los Angeles the Bock Fest Winter Beer festival features some of the great seasonal beers along with local favorites from micro-brews to large brew houses in the US” (
BockFest will “also include the winter beer championship with judges from all around the world to crown the winning brew. Our judging panel includes beer experts, master brewers, brewery owners, and beer drinkers like you” (Ibid).

More information is expected to be released after the event which takes place January 26, 2013.

More about BierBuzz –

BierBuzz was founded in September of 2011 and has evolved to a full beer network that covers everything beer related. Bierbuzz hosts an informative TV show that is shot on location and streamed through many social avenues. BierBuzz also contains a beer database which encompasses many beers, breweries, and reviews. Bierbuzz also has a written aspect to the site that reviews beer related events, products, food pairings, and other beer related news.

“At BierBuzz we celebrate beer by sharing it with you. We love beer so much, we built our network around it. So follow us, as we explore the world of beer and learn about why so many other people love it also.” (

BierBuzz can be found on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and of course on their website at

BierBuzz-LogoFor Further information feel free to contact
Mallory Delgadillo :


So there you have it! Yet another awesome thing going on this weekend.  If you aren’t going to the ERB 3rd Anniversary and you are in the Hollywood Area make sure to check out Bockfest 2013 and say hello to Jason Torres while your at it!

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  1. Thanks for the support! It’s going to be a great event!

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