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Is Los Angeles a Beer town?

If you frequent reddit and comment threads related to articles about the recent beer boom in the US, you’ll see mixed opinions when the spotlight turns to LA.  Beer lovers frequently use cities like San Francisco, San Diego, Denver, and Portland to point out that LA still has a long way to go.  If you want this LA-based beer lover’s opinion, here it is.  LA is most definitely a beer town.  There are so many beer events going on in LA city, LA county, and beyond, that there is absolutely no way to cover everything.  We frequently have to pass on really cool events because there just isn’t enough time in the day.  And just who is fueling these events? The new brewers and beer bars, that’s who.  With more great beers coming out of breweries like Eagle Rock Brewery, Ohana, Ladyface, Monkish, El Segundo, and Golden Road, Angelinos are inundated with local choices.  Quality continues to improve and it’s becoming easier to drink LA and LA adjacent beer only.

So why are people arguing that LA still has a long way to go? Because, it does.  LA has more people than San Diego.  LA has more people than San Francisco.  LA is huge, which means there is a lot of ground to cover.  Here’s a number for you, and we pulled this out of the Brewer’s Associations fact sheet.  San Diego has an metropolitan service area of 3 million people.  For those 3 million they produce over 270,000 BBL’s annually.  Compare that to Los Angeles who has an MSA of over 12 Million.  Guess how much LA produced in 2011? 40,000 BBLs.  The numbers for 2012 haven’t been released yet, but to put it in perspective, LA would have to inrease its annual production to 230,000 just to keep up with San Diego’s 3 million people.  In order to quench the thirst of LA entirely it would have to increase this production by 1,040,000 BBLs! That make take some time, but we are definitely well on the way. As it stands now there is at least one awesome craft beer bar in every district in LA.  Breweries continue being built, and good beer is still being brewed. That’s saying a lot.

Enough Mumbo Jumbo – Let’s talk about LA news

ERB3YearAnnEagle Rock Brewery – 3rd Anniversary

Eagle Rock Brewery celebrates its 3rd anniversary this Saturday, 1/26, at Verdugo Bar.  Festivities start at 12pm and run to 4pm.  Last year’s celebration was packed, so make sure to come early.  An impressive line-up of beers, including some new ones, is slated to go on tap so don’t miss it.

BeerBelly1NightStandBeer Belly: A Craft Beer Bar – One Night Stand

Beer Belly has launched a new campaign for their popular brewery specific pint nights appropriately named, One-Night-Stand.  These events will be monthly and those devoted enough to attend 10 out of 12 will find a very special gift waiting for them at the end of the journey.  There are some rules to play by, but it’s all pretty easy.  The first one happens this Wednesday 1/23 and features Eagle Rock Brewery. Find out more HERE.

Golden Road Brewery


Golden Road says farewell to Brewmaster Jon Carpenter.  The popular Golden Road personality has moved from his LA based brewery home, of over a year, and has decided to seek other business opportunities.  Replacing Jon as bremaster is Head Brewer Jesse Houck from Drake’s.  Jon will be missed, but Angelino’s welcome Jesse with open arms.

Get Up Offa That Brown has made its way to the canning line.  Soon, you’ll be able to fine the popular brown ale in 4-packs around town.  On top of the new can release is a redesign of the can and label.  The beer names have been centered to make them easier to read and the printing process has been upgraded.  The new cans look cleaner and more vibrant too.

Ohana_Andrew_ChrisCity Tavern Pint Night w/ Ohana Brewing

The fresh faces in beer, Andrew Luthi & Chris Walowski, will be heading to the west-side on Thursday 1/24 to celebrate a full line up at City Tavern.  For all those that haven’t tasted Rhino’s Ruin yet, this is your chance!  Festivities start at 6pm, and we hear there may even be a pint glass in it for you.

CityTavernCity Tavern – Monkish Brewing Beer Dinner

On February 10th enjoy the culinary creations and collaborations of Chef Wesley from City Tavern and Brewmaster Henry from Monkish.  Details are still pending, but this will be a full pairing dinner, which have always been great in the past.

Far Bar – Changes

Popular LA beer advocate, Jimmy Smith, leaves far bar.  The well known beer buyer and event organizer is taking some time off, but we’re pretty sure he’s not done with LA beer.  Far Bar owner Don Tahara, has assured Bierkast that they will still feature great craft beer, but will also be highlighting their exotic whiskeys and sake line-up.

Crowd Sourcing LA’s Beer Scene

On top of the current commercial brewery news is a slew of LA Beer related crowd sourcing. Don’t just drink it, get involved and help make it better.

LARBC Give Us 10LA River Brewing Company

LA River’s ambitious $75,000 Kickstarter is coming to a close.  They have recently launched their “Give us 10” campaign where supporters are encouraged to take to the streets and post pictures of the below ad all around town.  This is really easy to do and will also help a group of brewers bent on giving LA more beer a great cash infusion to help start their dream.

VillainBrewingVillain Brewing Co

These artists are the newest LA area Kickstarts.  Students from LA Cal Arts are looking to not only showcase their impressive and artistic brewery branding portfolio, but to also hand craft the suds.  Look for more about this group in a upcoming Bierkast Article when we visit their studio for an interview in February.

Coaster FrontLos Angeles Ale Works

John and Kip are getting ready to launch their official Los Angeles Ale Works kickstarter near the end of February.  This is aimed to commence near the time they initiate their private fundraising as well.  Look forward to some very unique hand crafted rewards for some of the higher contribution levels as well as some underground get togethers.  Stay tuned because you don’t want to miss the awesomeness.  Follow the LAAW!

Beer Belly: A Craft Beer Bar

Indiegogo, Kickstarter’s arch rival, is now home to a new craft beer fundraiser. Jimmy and the folks at Beer Belly are trying to gather money together, $4,000, to build a new patio.  Beer Belly is jam packed with fans nightly and now they need more space.  Help them by donating and put your support mark on the LA Beer Scene.

Social Media

LA area beer bloggers have banded together to create a new super media group referred to as the LA Beer Bloggers.  This group has been working on finalizing it’s bylaws which will allow them to be even more useful to LA based beer bloggers/writers/media.  On top of that, you’ll be seeing even more bloggers and media personalities pairing up with

WintersitchWinter Situation

The LA Beer Bloggers are currently planning and prepping for their fourth meeting, the Winter Situational at Golden Road Brewing on 1/29 with the help of social media stars  Cambria and Fran.  When last we checked there were over 100 RSVP’s and the event will include guest speakers John Palmer & Drew Beechum.  It’s poised to be a really cool event and will be held in the super posh speakeasy style space, Chloe’s, behind the GRB Pub.  If you’re an LA area blogger, writer, or media person make sure to RSVP to Cambria asap – space is limited.  Details can be found HERE.

FullPintSippin’ on Barrel Aged OE with Smog City Brewing and The Full Pint 

Beer Belly and the Full Pint are teaming up with Smog City to showcase some unique and tasty barrel aged beers.  Join them on Saturday 1/26 @ 4pm for some Smog City Barrel Aged O.E.

BierBuzz-LogoBierbuzz @ Bockfest

Jason Torres, CEO of BierBuzz, will be making a special appearance at this year’s BockFest! Bockfest 2013 happens on January 26th at the Arena Nightclub in Hollywood.  The session runs from  2-5 and Jason Torres will be a guest Beer Judge making the rounds.  If you’re in the area, pick up some tickets and go say hello.


See this? See all this stuff going on? DO YOU SEE IT?! LA IS most definitely a beer town, and this meager posting of events and news barely scratches the surface.  Anniversary parties, tastings, special releases, beer festivals, it’s all happening right here in Los Angeles, and it’s only going to get better from here on out.  Past Cheers! Present Cheers! Future Cheers!

*Banner Photograph by Todd Jones Photography.  Logos and Artwork originating from other site remains the property of the content creators.

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