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FTL - Collaboration - 10 Full Housecol·lab·o·rate – intransitive verb \kə-ˈla-bə-ˌrāt\

1: to work jointly with others or together especially in an intellectual endeavor
2: to cooperate with or willingly assist an enemy of one’s country and especially an occupying force
3: to cooperate with an agency or instrumentality with which one is not immediately connected

Being able to work with friendly like-minded professionals in one industry is something that drew both John and I to the beer industry.  The mentality of us (craft beer) against them (macro) is very much a part of the craft beer mentality.  Although we are all in direct competition with each other, there is also an incredible amount of thirsty people out there, and there is vast room to grow, innovate, and collaborate.  Beer is communal in every sense of the word: people make it together and people drink it together.  One of Los Angeles Ale Works’ main focuses is on collaboration.

FTL - Collaboration - 07 CheersJohn and I have been very fortunate in meeting some truly interesting and inspring individuals during our short time both covering the craft beer scene from and starting up our own brewery Los Angeles Ale Works.  In the last four years we have met inspiring entrepreneurs,  culinary experts, analytical engineers, and artistic savants.  I feel very lucky to have met so many great men and women who are all part of the unified goal of spreading the joys of craft beer not only in LA, but in general.  I love crafting recipes, working on labels, and focusing on the business, but I find it equally enjoyable to see what everyone else is doing.  We are all so similar, but at the same time we each have different focuses and bring our own uniqueness to the market.  What’s even more enjoyable is being able to work together, combine knowledge, and co-create.

FTL - Collaboration - 02 Turbid MashPipe Dream Brewery & Los Angeles Ale Works have teamed up to create the first PDB & LAAW home brew collaboration, currently titled KRYKE.  We felt that it was only proper for two up and coming breweries to start the collaboration process early and combine forces to create a truly unique beer.  To challenge ourselves, we’ve decided to do a beer that neither of us has done before, a Kriek.  Using a rye forward grain bill, Belgian yeast, and lambic cultures we will be aging the beer in a 10 gallon oak whiskey barrel for about a year.  To cut down on the oxygen absorption, we’ve waxed over half of barrel.  This will be an incredibly unconventional kriek as the barrel has been used for other projects prior to this one,  but we are counting on getting some unique flavors with subtle whiskey notes.  The research that went into this beer was a complete team effort as well as the double brew day.  We used equipment from both the LAAW and PBD brewery and utilized the large size of PBD’s kettles to make sure we had enough to fill the barrel and then some.

We’ll be posting updates on this project as they come, and hopefully sometime down the line you’ll be able to buy a commercial version of the collaboration when our two breweries are up and running.

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