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We’ve recently discovered the wonders of brewing with Tea in both alcoholic and non-alcoholic recipes.  Ketsara, our Thai Tea soda, debuted with great success at the Pacific Gravity Home Brewers Club soda competition, where it was voted best soda.  The prize was a serving spot at both LA Beer Week’s closing ceremonies and the Santa Monica-based beer festival, BAM Fest.  Beer drinkers rejoiced in a tasty non-alcoholic option and recovered some energy with the soda’s natural palm sugar as well tea-derived caffeine.  If you want to read more about how we make this awesome soda, you can read the article and recipe here.  It’s true the soda was a huge hit, but there was also another hit brewing: Karma Kolsch, a solid German style Kolsch spiced with Thai Tea.

One of John’s favorite styles to both drink and brew is a light and delicate German ale, the Kolsch.  Brewpubs and breweries commonly make beers based on the Kolsch and either call it a blonde or light golden ale. However, a true Kolsch is a complex and beautiful thing.  It’s something that goes far beyond a basic blonde or golden ale and can be quite difficult to get right.  John has been perfecting his Kolsch recipe along with experimenting with various modifications.  Our new and improved recipe, Das Kolsch, was split in two, one we left alone, and one that later became Karma Kolsch.  Karma Kolsch is the counterpart to Ketsara Soda.  It’s infused with the same spiced red Thai Tea which lends an unbelievably pleasant aroma and finish.  The beer itself is light and drinkable, but there is a lot more going on under the hood.  Notes of ceylon cinnamon, anise, cardamon, rose, vanilla, and black tea permeate the senses with each taste.  This beer has been so well received that we are officially adding it to our production line-up.  Both Das Kolsch and Karma Kolsch will eventually be commercial beers available to drinkers far and wide.

We are still ramping up! We have a private fundraiser on the horizon that will be aimed at procuring funding for our manufacturing location.  We are also still working to get a contracted batch your way soon.  John and I will be launching a Kickstarter fundraiser that will allow people far and wide to not only donate, but be a part of the brewery to be.  Kickstarter is a great opportunity for micro-investors to show support for ideas they believe in.  We’ll be sure to keep you updated.


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*Artwork pictured in the “Das Kolsch” label is a temporary placeholder.  Artwork pictured in the “Karma Kolsch” & “Ketsara Soda” label created by Ken Barnes.  Both labels are the property of Los Angeles Ale Works.


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