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Anyone in Los Angeles familiar with the burgeoning craft beer scene is familiar will Eagle Rock Brewery.  Those people will also be familiar with one of the most influential beer Women in LA, Ting Su.  Ting, along with co-owners Jeremy & Steve Raub, have created an incredible brick and mortar brewery that not only seeks to make tasty beer, but also aims to evolve the LA craft beer scene and stimulate all the Angelino beer enthusiasts.  Ting has also targeted the women beer drinkers in the area with her ERB Women’s Beer Forum, a monthly meeting, for ladies only, centered around tasting and learning about specific styles of beer.  She continues to push the bar with both her beer knowledge, business know-how, and incredible energy.  Bierkast was lucky enough to have her on as a guest writer for the Women of Craft Beer series – check out her article here.

So why all the talk about Ting? Because she has her own Documentary now and it’s friggin awesome! Check it out below and get aquatinted with this awesome lady.

Also, if you are going to GABF, make sure to check out ERB! They’ll have some great beers down there for you to try.

 • Revolution (XPA, 5.2% abv)
 • Populist (IPA, 7% abv)
 • Manifesto (Wit, 5.7% abv)
 • Unionist (Belgian Pale Ale, 5.4% abv)
 • Solidarity (Black Mild, 3.8% abv)
 • Eradicator, Jr. (Bock, 6.8% abv)

Also wish them luck in the Beer Competition for these beers:

 • Solidarity (Black Mild, 3.8% abv) – Category 12, Session Beer
 • Revolution (XPA, 5.2% abv) – Category 50, American Style Pale Ale
 • Manifesto (Wit, 5.7% abv) – Category 69, French & Belgian Style Saison
 • Populist (IPA, 7% abv) – Category 52 American Style IPA
 • Unionist (Belgian Pale Ale, 5.4% abv) – Category 70B, Belgian & French Style Ale
 • Jubilee (Spiced Old Ale, 7.9% abv) – Category 6, Herb & Spice Beer
 • Equinox (Sour Blonde Ale, 6% abv) – Category 24A, Wood & Barrel Aged Sour Beer
 • Ginger Saison (Petite Saison with Ginger, 4.8% abv) – Category 6, Herb & Spice Beer
 • Botany Bay (ESB, 5.5% abv) – Category 58B, American Style Strong Bitter
 • Deuce (Strong Black Ale, 10% abv) – Category 13B Other Strong Beer
 • Eradicator, Jr. (Bock, 6.8% abv) – Category 85, Pro-Am Competition




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  1. Manafesto entered in the “French & Belgian Style Saison” category? Interesting!

    • Kip:

      Manifesto is actually not a traditional Wit. The yeast profile is a blend of saison and wit. ERB ferments at a low temperature at the beginning for the wit yeast and then gradually raises it up to 80 degrees to get saison characteristics from the saison yeast. Pretty cool. I wonder how it will do.

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