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Hello all my fellow Bierkast people!

First let me start off by saying how honored I am to be apart of an amazing group of people to help influence and educate the community about the art of craft beer and cocktails. My name is Gia St. George, and I am a bartender at City Tavern located in Culver City who co-creates the cocktails and serves a variety of craft beers from all over California. I have been a part of the bar and restaurant industry for about 12 years, and have seen how much cocktails and beers have transformed into an art. Even within the last year (since City Tavern opened to the public) I’ve watched and seen how traditional cocktails are coming back, as well as new styles of beer are being created.

The new trend being experienced now is the art of BEER COCKTAILS. That’s right… beer cocktails. With that being said, let me start off by presenting one to you. The first beer cocktail that many bartenders and mixologists have brought back is the Michelada. Traditionally a Mexican/Latin American cocktail collaborating a bloody mary with a light style beer. As history would state, it is known as the cure for hangovers. The original recipe to make this cocktail is simply equal parts of bloody mary mix and a beer chilled with ice and a salt rim. It looks like an exact replica of a bloody mary cocktail, the main flavors come primarily from the mix of the bloody mary, the flavor of the beer being secondary.

Last year I was chosen to compete in a cocktail competition for Hangar1 Vodka. I was inspired by the Bloody mary and decided to recreate this classic. Chef Jessica Christensen was kind enough to introduce me to a technique that makes the mix clear and keeps all the flavor and spices intact. Therefore, a clear “bloodless” bloody mary was created. This year I came up with a Michelada using the same technique showcasing not only the clear bloody mary mix but also the beer. Shown below is a photo of both cocktails paired together. To the left is my take of the traditional bloody mary using a clear mix with vodka and celery salt on the rim. To the right is the michelada using the same clear bloody mary mix topped with a pilsner and chilli powder garnished with a lime. This duo is offered at City Tavern for $10 all day on Sundays, be sure to check it out and try it!

Now that the holidays are coming up, I am currently working on a new cocktail list. This is one of the most fun parts of my job at City Tavern. It’s almost time for some pumpkin spices, sweet plums and figs, and a new beer and barrel-aged cocktail. Rumor has it, the “Headless Horseman” cocktail may be coming back! For those who don’t remember, it was a pumpkin spiced old fashioned cocktail made with one of my favorite bourbons, Angels Envy. Except this year it will be a new and improved cocktail. As for the next beer cocktail; I’m thinking of working with a porter for this one. I’ll be experimenting with a few flavors for this one, so if you’re around the area, don’t hesitate to come by and ask me about it. I love having new “taste testers” at my bar.


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Gia St George is a professional cocktail mixologist at Culver City's based gastropub, City Tavern.

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