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As some of you know, I recently began working with a television production company, Ex Machina Media Group, that is interested in developing a beer-based reality show. Without going into too much detail, the show centers around two hosts, one of them myself, the other the energetic Rose Rossi, and their exploration into the world of craft beer. It’s not so much of a classic reality show as it is a travel, how to, or food show. We’re going over everything from gastropubs, food pairings, and craft breweries to homebrew, competitions, history, and tastings. It’s shaping up to be something unique and fun.

We had our first shoot this past weekend and the folks at City Tavern, in Culver City, were generous enough to let us film our pilot inside the restaurant. Coincidentally, there was another shoot going on outside for a very popular tv show starting Jason Bateman that’ll making a return soon. We started shooting at 11am sharp and worked on the intro of our show. Rose and I tell the viewers what the show is all about and work on the hook. Rose comes from an established food and wine background, but is relatively new to craft beer. My goal is to take her on a craft brew adventure starting with tasting different styles and then showing her how to home brew one of her own. While at City Tavern we tasted over 22 taps from saisons, to stouts, to hard ciders. We interview the general manager Matt, the chef Jessica, talked about tap tables, and even tried the experimentally awesome Berliner Weisse Beer Popcicles. City Tavern has done a great job establishing itself on the west side as a true haven for not only California Craft Beer, but innovative California Craft pub fare. They were a no brainer for our pilot.

Our restaurant shoot was followed by stop at Culver City Home Brewing for beer recipe ingredients. We picked up barley malt, hops, and yeast for our Rose Rye Saison that we would be brewing the following day. When Sunday morning came around we were ready to rock. I started the brew session so that the film crew would have something to film right when they arrived. Luckily, John was over as well to help keep the ship afloat while Rose and I covered the history, how-to, and technical sides of brewing on camera. How is brewing a full 10 gallon batch while a film crew documents your every move? Not as bad as you would think. It’s times like this when you realize that you really do know what you are doing, and that’s why I think this Rose Rye Saison is going to be awesome. We’ll be posting the recipe as soon as the pilot is out, but until then, stay tuned.



*Special Thanks to City Tavern’s Matt, Jessica, Dave, and Ken for allowing us to shoot in the restaurant. Also, thanks go to Greg Beron from Culver City Home Brewing Supply for opening up the home brew store for us. Thank you to Ken Barnes for the awesome Beer Seer Logo. One last thank you goes to Rose and the cast of Ex Machina Media Group, Robert, Satya, Roger, and Mark, for all their hard work during shooting. Prost!

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