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The Roggenbier

Some of you may be asking, “Isn’t that Los Angeles Ale Works beer supposed to be released by now?”  The short answer is that we’ve had some issues with our production, which have ultimately delayed our beer release by about 1-2 months.   When dealing with any raw food production, there is always a risk of something going wrong, and in our case, that is exactly what happened.  Our batch of beer had an issue during the primary fermentation which caused a strong off-flavor to take over the beer.  In a nutshell, the final product isn’t something John or I feel comfortable selling as our inaugural LAAW release.  What’s next?  Try, Try Again!  As soon as we dump our current batch, we will be starting over from scratch with a modified brewing process.  This should put our beer out sometime near the closing ceremony of Oktoberfest, which is actually perfect timing for a Bavarian Style Roggenbier.  Wish us luck!

In the case that you still do not know what a Roggenbier is, fear not, for we have the answer right here!

*Interesting Fact – On the home brew scale, we’ve strengthened our original Roggenbier recipe to create a Roggenbock.  This beer was aged in an organic oak whiskey barrel provided by Bainbridge Organic Distillers.  The Roggenbock label artwork was provided by Beatrice the Biologist Blogger and Bierkast Chief Editor Katie McKissick.  Original Gams-Bart label by Ken Barnes.

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