Friday Happy Hour: Revolution

Friday Happy Hour with Eagle Rock Brewery’s Revolution

Since I’m back in college now, and I’m headed into finals week for my summer semester, it seems only fitting to A) have beer and pizza for dinner, and B) procrastinate by writing a post for Bierkast. This is grad school, however, and most people consider me an adult, so gone are the days of my undergrad runs to La Pizza Loca for a gigante slice of cardboard and to the 3-2 for some Natty Ice (for the uninitiated, that’s the 32nd Street Market to you, but it doesn’t exist anymore anyway…moving on). I now have enough money to buy tasty pizza from my local store, Papi’s Pizzeria, and enough sense to realize I don’t hate beer–I just hate really bad beer. Enter Eagle Rock Brewery’s Extra Pale Ale, Revolution.

Friday Happy Hour Dinner

ERB’s XPA is light in color, is gently malty, and the mild hop flavor does a nice job of balancing everything out. It has notes of honey and fruity esters with a crisp, dry, semi-sweet finish. It’s refreshing and easy to drink. Revolution has a low ABV, perfect for paring with a delicious pepperoni-pineapple pizza for a late night study session.

To replicate this Friday happy hour dinner for yourself check out and

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