Enegren at City Tavern

Katie and I had the pleasure of attending the Enegren Pint Night at City Tavern in Culver City on Thursday. The restaurant was pretty busy, but we managed to snag a table and order a flight of Enegren Brew. There were four offerings: Kolsch, Dry Hopped Kolsch, Altbier, and IPA. Each beer was expertly crafted and very clean. I especially like the Munich qualities in the Altbier. It’s a beer I would drink all night. The Kolsches were great too. The graininess really showed through nicely as they warmed. I’m looking forward to more beer coming from this talented team.

I was able to talk to the brew team (Matt, Becki, and Joe were there) and found out they are still working their day jobs. They are a fully functioning 3 BBL nano brewery and celebrated their 1st anniversary this past Saturday. Congratulations, Enegren! Coincidentally, their next beer is going to be a Roggenbier! I’m looking forward to trying it. If these beers are any indication of quality, the Roggen will be great.

Also noteworthy was City Tavern’s beet hummus! It was as tasty as it was beautiful. I wouldn’t have thought about beets in hummus, but leave it up to Jessica to create an incredible food pair that seems like they were always made for each other. I also had the grilled cheese, which is always a solid choice.

Beer Cocktails! Yes it’s true, and lately they’ve been popping up all over LA. City Tavern is no different, and with guest bartender Evan from Cismontane, they had a special Bare Knuckle Palmer. A draft line spin on and Arnold Palmer made with bourbon, ESB, and lemon. It was an incredibly refreshing summer drink, but be careful, the alcohol isn’t joking around. Wow!

Great night! Thanks CT, Enegren, and Cismontane!



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  1. Bare Knuckle Palmer… Sounds like a beer-cocktail I can get behind!

  2. Gia:

    Such a great night! It was an awesome turn out!

    • Kip:

      It was a really cool event. I love the pint nights. It’s great to meet the people behind the beer. Also that Bare Knuckle Palmer was the bomb :)

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