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On Sunday, June 30th, Eagle Rock Brewery held their most recent Mug Club event.  Eagle Rock’s Mug Club is made up of their earliest and continued supporters.  A very diverse group of people that come together to support and enjoy great beer made by the fine team at the brewery.  What was there to drink, you ask? Let me tell you.

  • Equinox – Eagle Rock’s famous sour
  • Go Team – ERB & Bruery Collaboration
  • Unionist – Belgian Pale
  • Umlaut – Kolsch
  • Ginger Saison – Exactly what it sounds like
  • Revolution – XPA
  • Manifesto – Wit Beer
  • Solidarity – Black mild on CO2 and Nitro
  • Populist – IPA

The ERB Team is really starting to amass quite a catalogue.  With these offerings and their other specials like Deuce, Yearling, Honey Badger, and their session series, there is really something for everyone.  Every beer is crafted with care, and you can easily taste the effort and love that go into creating each pint.

The famous culinary extraordinaire Jerry Su was also in the house last night.  Manning the grill, he brought forth various  seasoned skewered meats served on top of grits – a delicious combination.  Each skewer was closely monitored and turned as it cooked over charcoal – Japanese Yakiniku style.  I hope he brings this back next time because it was truly a treat.

Finally, not related to drinking beer or eating great food, Steve was in the brewery showing people how to manually label bottles.  Yes, yes, people, it’s a manual process and although it doesn’t sound particularly fun, it’s a great opportunity to get involved in the brewery operation.  To know that a bottle you hand-labeled will be out in stores for other to enjoy is a great feeling and really ties the whole ERB theme together.  Beer of the people, by the people, and for the people.  A craft beer community.

Hats off to ERB for once again throwing a great party!




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