Restoring the Rainier R

As someone who grew up in the Seattle area, I am very familiar with the Rainier “R.”   When my father was younger, he worked at the brewery as a bottle sorter and warehouse worker.  This is an interesting campaign to come about at a time when craft beer and counter culture are taking the macro breweries head on.  Still, this seems like a more complicated issue, as Rainier, although still around, is more like a casualty of war.

Like the old brewery turned artist community in Los Angeles that still proudly wears its signature “Pabst” letters, the Rainier “R” is something worth restoring for sentimental reasons and its historical significance.   I can still clearly see the “R” atop the brewery building, which we always passed on the way to my father’s sign shop when I was a kid.  But is the “R”–this piece of Seattle Brewing history–better left as a memory only?

For those of you in Los Angeles, this may be an arbitrary issue for you as this beer was specifically part of Seattle and its baseball team.  That being said, what are your thoughts?  In terms of beer, both Pabst and Rainier are somewhat equivalent.  A then macro produced adjunct pilsner now turned hipster fad.  Let us imagine for a second that this campaign is in LA and it is to restore something equivalent like a giant Pabst sign on the US Bank building (obviously this was never a reality).   Would you support this in the name of architectural history? Let us know your thoughts.

Here’s the Campaign Video for “Restore the R.”

Read more about the campaign here.

Reed more about the beer here.



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