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If you are looking for a great community of home brewers on the west side, look no further than the Pacific Gravity Home Brewers Club. Based out of Culver City, this club meets every month in the parking lot behind the Culver City Home Brewing Supply shop. Meetings include updates on current beer-related events, BJCP classic style home brew contests, commercial tastings, food, company, conversation, and tons and tons of great home brew.

Oktoberfest Neil

This past Saturday marked the date of the annual Pacific Gravity Summer Party, and boy was it a party.  With three tap stations, 8 to 12 taps pouring at each, and a seemingly infinite supply of home brewed suds, this was a beer lovers paradise. Kvass, White IPA, Dunkel, Czech Pils, Oktoberfest, Rye Oktoberfest, Gruit, Mead, Hefe, Saison, Scottish Ale, California Common, Berliner Weiss, Nitro Stout, Pale Ale, Black Rye IPA,  you name it – it was there.  Among my favorites were Carl’s Ryetoberfest, Audrey’s Gruit inspired lavender ale, Rives’s Pale, David’s Wheat IPA, Craig’s Saison, and Brian’s Tahoba, but honestly, with so many great beers, one’s memory becomes a little foggy.

Dave Grilling Brats

The theme was, of course, Oktoberfest, so on top of the massive home brew selection was a German potato salad contest, barbecued brats, pretzels, and a smorgasbord of sweet treats.

Special thanks go to the organizers on PG’s board that helped make this event possible, as well as all the volunteers who either helped set up, donated beer, made food, and kept the drinks flowing.  I had the chance to talk to Audrey, PG’s President, and David Mauceli, PG’s VP, about the party and the club in general.  It’s seen a lot of growth in the past few years, and everyone donates or participates on some level.  Clubs like this are based completely on member participation, and they generate their funds for events like this solely through membership dues, monthly raffles, and silent auctions.

Brian, Audrey, and Tom

If you are a home brewer in the Los Angeles area, be sure to check out Pacific Gravity and the other home brew clubs.  You can learn a lot from the guys that have been crafting great brews their whole lives and can also meet those new to the craft.  It’s one of the first steps to the massive realization that the Craft Beer & Home Brew subculture is one of the friendliest scenes around.



P.S. Special Thank you to Neil Saund for donating his duplex for the party. Thanks Neil!

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