The Trux Stop

Anyone Thirsty? – Photo By – Bernie Wire

Last night I had the honor of visiting the Trux Shop, Tomm Carroll’s private bar nestled in his garage in West LA.  Trux Stop, which had its debut last Labor Day, is Tomm’s ultimate beer paradise and is full of some of the rarest beers imaginable.  The interior was actually constructed inside his garage and comes complete with a full size cold room for storage, beer bottle fridge, kegerator full of local craft kegs, wooden bar, HD TV, massive glass collection, bar stools, bar table, and thirst from anyone who enters.  The walls, lined with a modern industrial corrugated metal, are decorated with magnetic bottle caps from all over the word.  I asked him about the caps, and he pulled out a giant bag along with a package of magnets, saying, “I put all my guests to work.”  This isn’t a just a hobby for Tomm; it’s a way of life, but it wasn’t always this way.

Sink the Bismarck

Carroll has an English degree from Rutgers University in New Jersy and started out his career writing for newspapers before moving to LA in the early 1980’s.  He’s worked in the film industry ever since his move, writing for the studios and guilds in the area.  In his spare time he reviewed music records and concerts.  He transitioned into writing for the Daily Breeze and Santa Monica Outlook, where his writings focused on clubs and bars.  Carroll’s focus gradually shifted to beer, where he eventually wound up writing a column in the Celebrator, “To Live and Drink in LA.”  At first each article could easily capture LA’s beer scene, but with the recent and massive expansion of LA Craft Beer, “there is too much to cover,” says Tomm, so he focuses on highlights and specific subjects now.

Carroll, who is also a member of the Pacific Gravity Home Brew Club, is now a prominent figure in the LA Beer scene and can be found all over town attending events, breweries, panels, and tastings.  He still works in the film biz full-time, but as you can see, beer is far more than a simple hobby for him.  He’s going to be heading an Italian beer tasting Session for The Beer Chicks during their LA Craft Beer Crawl 2012.  Looking at that line-up, it looks like something you won’t want to miss.  He’s also going to be attending the LA Craft Beer Bloggers Summit next week.

Saison du Buff – Photo By – Bernie Wire

As a special bonus to the tour, Tomm broke out three bottles of the Saison Du Buff collaboration from Dogfish Head, Stone, and Victory.  These were various bottles from the 2010, 2011, and 2012 release. We tasted 2 from stone and 1 from Dogfish. Thanks for the tour and brews, Tomm!

Check out Tomm’s feature on the recent Thrash Lab mini-documentary.

The Subculture of Craft Beer

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*Special thanks to Bernie Wire for his amazing photographs

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